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Delivery Time

Standard punch, type -S
Standard punch, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-S
Price: $70.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Select punch type:
Internal Punch (bottom, inside ram)
External Punch (top, in punch holder)
What die does this fit?:
Lead swc LSWC
Core swage CSW-1
Core seater CS-1
Boattail former BT-1
Rebate former BT-2
Point former PF-1
Lead tip former LT-1
Bullet reducer BRD-1
Other, describe below
Enter caliber in inches:
Enter diameter if known:
  Discover CS Punch diameter for my jacket/core combo ($30)
Sample jackets for fitting punch:
Yes, I AM sending 6 jackets
Use Corbin jackets, specified below
I sent 6 jackets before ordering.
I am NOT sending any jackets: just guess!
Corbin Jacket Cat.No. (if using our jackets):
Enter finished bullet weight to be made:
Select external punch (only for CS - core seat punch):
Not applicable tor this punch
Open tip
Lead tip
Open tip hollow pt.
Lead tip hollow pt.
Select a SWC nose shape
Open Tip external punch diameter (if known, to fit jacket ID):
Enter optional nose shape description:
Select Shape / Punch end (if applicable) for LSWC or CS punch:
Not applicable
Target Wadcutter
Button Nose Wadcutter
Conical SWC
Truncated cone (similar to Keith)
Keith Nose SWC
1/2-E round nose
3/4-E SWC
1-E Flat Tip SWC
Custom nose shape ($84) describe/note
Enter custom nose specs (if selected above):
  Add Hollow Point to selected shape ($84)
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
PUNCH-S designates any standard shape and caliber of punch for flat base, cup base, hollow base, dish base, core seating, and other standard external punches, or for ejection pin punches and other internal punches of standard (stock sizes) dimensions.

The options ONLY apply to certain kinds of punches. Don't worry about entering information that does not apply to your punch type.
For instance, the nose shapes ONLY apply to SWC style external punches. The jacket discovery and questions about jacket type and weight ONLY apply to core seating punches. If you don't know the answer, don't worry about it. We'll figure it out or ask you before shipping!

If you want a punch shape or purpose that is NOT one of the standard types shown here, please order a PUNCH-SC ( This custom category includes punches that are made to order for a specific shape, custom design, or in other ways require custom work, and cannot be taken from a standard supply.

Examples of custom punches (PUNCH-SC) include:
  • CS or LSWC punches in 3/4-E, 1-E or other nose shape with a specified FLAT TIP (meplat).
  • CS or LSWC punches which have any shape that is NOT one of the standard listed shapes.
  • Any punch which for which you wish to specify exact base or nose length, depth, margins, hollow point lengths or widths.
  • Basically, any punch that has to be built to order rather than made using our standard design and tooling.
Specific purpose punches are listed under special catalog numbers including:
  • PUNCH-SX (X-punch, cruciform four-bladed design),
  • PUNCH-SA (an adjustable sleeve design for .375 and smaller),
  • PUNCH-SL (adjustable sleeve design for larger calibers,
  • PUNCH-SF (special extra long powder funnel punch),
  • PUNCH-ST (a tip seating punch for point form dies),
  • PUNCH-SJ (bullet tip closing punch, special steel and heat treatment)
  • PUNCH-SS (saber tooth, internal, for six point toothed bullet tips)

For Air Gun slug swage dies (PF-1-SP) and similar point formers, select the type of dies as PF (point form). Select the kind of punch as EXTERNAL. Then select the type of base you want. Enter the diameter (caliber) but ignore any blanks that ask for other specifics, unless you are ordering a custom shape under the PUNCH-SC product type. Most PF dies use an EXTernal punch with a flat, dish, cup, or hollow base shape for airguns. Some use the RBT base. Almost none use the BG base style, which is popular for black powder and for handgun bullets. The internal punch or ejector punch for a point form die used for jacketed bullets is normally just an ejector wire in a punch head, but for lead bullets it often is a presure sealing, synchronized ejector with very specific length and size dimensions. Information related to the internal synchronized punches is not relevant to the other kinds of standard ejectors or internal punches for point form dies.

Standard draw punches such as those for flat base reducing dies for bullets or drawing punches for the standard size jacket reducers are also covered by the PUNCH-S designation.

Fitting Core Seat Punches (External) to Jackets: If you wish to send cores and jackets so the die makers can match your core weight (length) to the ID of your jacket at the point where the core will be seated, please check the box indicating that you would like this discovery service. The matching a core seat punch OD to a specific core and jacket combination other than the "stock" sizes requires additional time on the test bench experimenting to discover the ideal diameter, fitting the punch, testing and adjusting. However, it is the best way to determine the proper size for any given core and jacket combination, and can solve issues with undersized bullets, wrinkles or fold lines, jackets sticking on the punch, and similar mis-match problems.

For CS-1-S or LSWC-1-S dies you can select either an internal (base) or external (nose) punch. Here are the standard nose shapes you can enter:
  • Flat
  • Target Wadcutter (TWC)
  • Button Nose Wadcutter (BWC)
  • 3/4-E round nose
  • 1-E round nose
  • Truncated Conical or Keith (TC)
  • Conical
  • Open Tip Hollow Point (OTHP) (CS dies only)
  • Lead Tip Hollow Point (LTHP) (CS or LSWC)

Here are the standard shapes of base or internal punches for CS-1-S or LSWC-1-S dies:
  • Flat base (FB)
  • Dish base (DB)
  • Cup Base (CB)
  • Hollow Base (HB)
  • Base Guard (BG)

Here are the external (top or bullet base) punch shapes for PF-1-S point forming dies or LT-1-S lead tip dies:
  • Flat base (FB)
  • Dish base (DB)
  • Cup Base (CB)
  • Hollow Base (HB)
  • Base Guard (BG)
  • Rebated Boattail Base (RBT)

Since all the standard -S type punches are the same catalog number (PUNCH-S), the description is needed provide information about the shape, purpose, caliber, and the die which it needs to fit.

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