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Punch Head Extension, -S
Punch Head Extension, -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-SE
Price: $12.50
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
PUNCH-SE is a collar or extension that goes around the tail of a type -S internal punch. It extends the length of the punch head, so that the punch rides higher in the press ram, and therefore, is positioned closer to the die mouth.

This collar rests on a shelf or step within the S-press ram, raising the punch so the top end is closer to the die mouth, which in turn makes it possible to make a lighter bullet with the same die and external punch. This collar is ONLY used with the following kinds of dies:
  1. CSW-1-S Core Swage
  2. CS-1-S Core Seater
  3. LSWC-1-S Lead Semi-Wadcutter Die
  4. LT-1-S Lead Tip finishing die
Punch head extension While it is possible to use the collar with other kinds of dies, such as a PF-1-SB or PF-1-SP bleed hole point former, such use will interfere with the precise synchronized punch length and generally will not give satisfactory results. It can be used on a BT-2-S die but would not work with the BT-1-S since the BT-1-S has a fixed length to the boattail section, and the internal punch must be flush with the junction of the ejection pin hole and the end of the boat tail angle. Be sure to read and understand how the internal punch operates in various kinds of S-type dies,

The extension clamps to the tail of the punch with a set screw, so it will not fall off. The extension will withstand the normal swaging pressures without deforming. The purpose of extending the punch head is to make it possible to build lighter bullets than might work with the standard punch.

If the external or top punch goes all the way into the core swage or core seating die, with the length of core you are attempting to use, and does not compress the core, then you can use this extension to raise the internal punch position. Since the collar comes on and off easily, you can use the same punch for both heavy bullets (extension removed) or light bullets (with the extension in place).

(The punch is shown only for illustration and is not included with the extension).

ram and punch relationship The graphic shows the relationship between a standard punch, resting on the "shelf" in the ram, and the same punch with the punch head extension installed, on the right. The "normal" punch is made for the average weight range. It drops back a bit from the bleed holes so that there is room in the die for heavier bullets or cores. But if you try to make a very light core or bullet, the top or external punch may have to reach so far into the die that it covers the bleed holes.

Now, the punch on the right (which is the same one as on the left) is held higher in the die by using the extension collar. Now the end of the punch is closer to the bleed holes. It leaves less space in the die, so the top or external punch does not have to reach as far to make a light bullet. Now the bleed holes are open, and the only drawback is that the heaviest bullets are not quite as heavy as they could have been, before. Fortunately the collar can be taken off again if you need to make heavy bullets!

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