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Bullet Swaging and Reloading Presses

Prices and options for each press are found by selecting the rectangular button on the left.

Corbin Makes Three (3) Swaging/Reloading Presses:
  • CSP-1 "S-Press" - for .102 to .458 diameter bullets
  • CSP-2 "Mega-Mite Press" - for any diameter up to 25mm with shape, length restrictions
  • CHP-1 "Hydro-Press" - power press for all calibers to 25mm plus lead extrusion, expanded jacket making
csp-2 Mega Mite press csp-1 S-press chp-1 Hydro Press

For detailed information about each press, select the image above.

  • Select the CSP-1 S-Press for the smallest and most economical press to make components which are up to 1.3 inch length, up to .458 diameter, and are made with thinner jackets and softer lead (deetails depend also on the shape and component design). In general, the majority of bullet making and reloading needs can be served by using the CSP-1 press, which uses type -S swage dies. (All Corbin presse can be used with standard i7/8-14 reoading dies and button-type shell holders).

  • Select the CSP-2 Mega-Mite press for any caliber up to 25mm and lengths up to 2.25 inches. The larger -H dies for this press are also used in the Hydro-Press. The Mega-Mite press is a good upgrade path so that your dies will work with the Hydro-Press should you decide to expand your operations later. The S-type dies are not recommended for use in the larger presses, but adapters can be obtained for a majority of -S dies (not all will adapt easily).

  • Select the CHP-1 Hydro-Press for the ultimate versatility, speed and power. The main advantage of this press is that it provides consistent, easily controlled stroke, power, and timing that lets any operator continue tirelessly with any operation previously set up. It is NOT a full automatic production line, but it IS a tool that can extrude lead wire, reload cartridges, draw bullet jackets, and swage bullets simply by changing the die and the settings.

    Unlike hand operated presses, the Hydro-Press has full power instantly at any point in the ram travel. This makes a huge difference in the size, thickness, and length of components which can be formed. If the budget allows it, get the Hydro-Press for the ultimate capabiity. It uses the -H type dies. Some -S type dies could be used with adapters, but not all are suitable. We do not recommend using -S dies with adapters as a general rule, since the strength of the larger -H dies means you are less likely to crack the die from over-pressure.

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