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Bullet Swage Dies are those which form the projectile. For gas check makers, jacket draw dies, bullet reducing dies, and other specialty type dies, look under the categories for jackets or specialty dies.

Bullet swage dies are sub-divided into the type -R (for a 7/8-14 thread reloading press with standard RCBS-type button shell holder ram), type -S dies for the Corbin 5/8-24 ram presses such as the S-press and Hydro-Mite, and the type -H dies (for Corbin 1.0-12 thread ram presses such as the Hydro Press and the Mega Mite press).

Bullet Swage Dies
  1. -R type dies
    Type R dies fit into standard 7/8-14 threaded head reloading presses. The external punch fits a slotted ram, exactly like a shell holder. These dies are only offered in calibers and styles which are suitable for the limits of over-the-counter presses designed for reloading. They will make excellent bullets, but about 3 times more slowly than a press designed for swage dies such as the -S and -H types.

    Reloading press swage dies also cost more for the same function compared to the dies made for swaging presses, because each die must have the means of internal alignment and ejection built into it. A die for one of the Corbin swage presses, on the other hand, can be lower cost because those functions are built into the press, rather than the die.

  2. -S type dies
    Type -S dies and punches fit the 5/8-24 threaded ram of the Corbin S-press, with the external punch held in the press head with a floating punch holder (comes with each press). They are designed to use the automatic ejection feature of the -S press on the ram's down stroke.

    Components are simply dropped into the upward facing die, rather than held up with one hand while trying to get the punch past your fingers, as in a reloading press. As such, the -S type dies can be nearly 300% faster to operate than dies for a reloading press. Maximum diameter of bullet for -S dies is .458 inches.

  3. -H type dies
    The -H dies and punches fit the Corbin Hydro-Press or CSP-2 Mega Mite Hand press, which has a 1 x 12 threaded ram for the die, and a 1-1/2 x 12 threaded head for the floating punch holder, which accepts the external punch. The -H dies are larger, stronger, and longer than -S dies, so that longer and heavier bullets can be made in larger calibers.

    The -H dies can also make small, short calibers, so the system makes anything that could be made in a -S press, simply extending the capability. If cost is not a major concern, then there is no drawback to selecting the -H dies to use with the Hydro Press or Mega Mite press over getting a smaller system.

  4. -M type dies - special order only
    Type -M dies are the same price as -S type, and are a discontinued smaller style made for the early Corbin Mity-Mite horizontal cast frame presses. These are still in service, even after 30 years, and Corbin provides repair parts, tooling and dies for them even today. But the -M dies are not promoted or advertised, since they are made to order (but for standard prices shown for the same kinds in the -S type series, not a custom charge).

    The main difference is die body diameter and die length. -M dies and their internal punches are shorter than -S type, and have a smaller diameter body, even though the thread area is still 5/8-24 and will work in the current Corbin presses.

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