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Delivery Time

Custom -SC type Punch
Custom -SC type Punch Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-SC
Price: $229.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Select type of punch:
Internal (stays in the die)
External (pushes components into the die)
Select die the punch fits:
Core swage (CSW)
Core seater (CS)
Boattail preform (BT-1)
RBT forming (BT-2)
Point former (PF)
Lead tip shaper (LT)
LSWC die
Tubing JM End Rounding
Bullet reducing die (BRD)
Jacket reducing die (JRD)
Other (describe below)
Caliber (final size):
Punch diameter if known:
Description (optional):
  Add flat tip of specified diameter (meplat)
Optional: meplat diameter (flat tips):
  Add HP to a nose punch (specify length, diam)
Optional: hollow point diameter:
Optional: hollow point depth (length):
Optional: describe special HP details:
This catalog number covers any -S punch other than those already assigned another catalog number, which is made to your specified dimensions or shape (rather than one of our standard shapes with our off-the-shelf dimensions). The punch diameter (caliber) is not considered a custom feature and can be ordered in standard shapes as a standard PUNCH-S.

Because of the extremely wide range of variations and special designs customers request, it isn't practical or maybe even possible to list all the things that constitute a custom punch. But a few examples include round nosed LSWC or CS punches which have a flat tip (meplat), a RBT base punch for airguns with an undercut, air-sealing step, any RBT punch which has the length, angle, shoulder width, depth, or other dimensions called out (specified) rather than accepting our normal standard dimensions, any Keith or Truncated Conical nose punch with dimensions specified for length, shoulder, meplat diameter, angle, or other dimensions rather than our standard listed specs, any hollow point open tip or lead tip core seating punch with the length, width, or angle of cavity specified, or any punch that requires making dimensioned drawings, producing reamers and/or laps to make a special shape, and setting up a custom machining operation rather than merely adjusting the diameter of a standard punch blank.

Hollow point cavity punches for semi-wadcutter nose punches require machining a special punch body with multi-diameter threaded hole, and a hollow point insert held by central (axial) set screws from the rear (through the punch head). This design is considerably more time consuming to build than a standard one-piece solid punch, and is always a "custom" punch due to the time required to make it.

If you order a standard PUNCH-S but specify features or dimensions (other than caliber/main diameter) which are different from our normal "off the shelf" designs, then it means a die maker will need to produce shop drawings and manufacture your punch as a one-off, special job (instead of shipping one of the standard punches which can be made in larger lots to a standard set of specs. The standard punches cost less because the reamers, laps, drawings, and other tooling doesn't need to be produced since we already have them, and further, most standard punches are either made in large lots in a semi-finished manner where honing to size is the only required step, or even completely finished in standard sizes and ready to pick, test, wrap and ship. The setup time for machining, heat treating, honing and testing is spread over the entire production run, rather than being allocated to just one or two identical parts. It isn't hard to understand that making one special part costs more than the cost of one standard part made in quantity, just as a hand-built rifle would cost more than buying a standard factory rifle, which was built by the thousands.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
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