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Pellet Swage Kit, SWC type -S
Pellet Swage Kit, SWC type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-1SP
Price: $1,400.00
Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select Desired Nose Shape (Ext.Punch):
Target Wadcutter (TWC)
Button Nose Wadcutter (BWC)
Keith SWC
Truncated Cone (TC)
3/4-E Round Nose
  Hollow Point option ($70)
Select Base Shape (Int. Punch):
Flat Base (FB)
Dish Base (DB)
Cup Base (CB)
Hollow Base (HB)
Rebated Boattail (RBT)
  Additional Flat Base (FB) ($70)
  Additional Dish Base (DB) ($70)
  Additional Cup Base (CB) ($70)
  Additional Hollow Base (HB) ($70)
  Additional RBT Base ($70)
  Additional Keith nose (ext. punch, $50)
  Additional 3/4-E nose (ext. punch, $50)
  Additional TC nose (ext. punch, $50)
  Additional TWC nose (ext. punch, $50)
  Additional BWC nose (ext. punch, $50)
  Exchange Lead Wire and Cutter for a CM-4a Core Mold (+$133)
Optional Note:
This is a complete kit for making shouldered air gun pellets quickly and easily in the CSP-1 S-press, with a LSWC-1-S die. It includes the press, the die and your choice of nose and base shape as well as the caliber, 70,000 grains of lead wire of the appropriate diameter, a PCS-1 core cutter, Corbin Swage Lube, and full instructions for all items plus a DVD and CD-ROM handbook of swaging.

The most popular nose and base shape is the 3/4-E round nose and a cup base. To make a hollow point, you would need to add an optional hollow point punch. There are two ways to make a hollow point. One is to use a separate HP-only punch first, and then form the nose with a second punch. This gives you a huge range of HP diameters depending on how far you push the bullet into the nose punch.

The second way is to order a custom hollow point punch, which has a HP "rod" inserted from the back and held in place by a set screw through the punch head. This is quicker (one stroke instead of two) but it can only provide a HP of one size and depth for each punch. So it is a matter of choosing versatility or speed.

(If you order a hollow point by simply noting that you want one, it leaves the question open as to exactly which method you prefer, and either way will require a different punch: either the optional HP separate punch (which works with any nose punch), or the custom combined HP-Nose cavity punch.)

The weight is of course adjustable. The die bleeds off surplus lead and leaves a fixed volume, which is set by moving the punch holder up and down to leave the desired weight in the die after extruding the extra lead through bleed holes in the die. The minimum weight is set by where the internal punch comes to rest within the die. It is a good idea to mention the minimum weight you want, so we can make sure to design the punch to produce that. It will also make heavier weights. Of course the minimum weight cannot be less than the weight of the nose by itself plus at least a reasonable length of straight sided "shank" to align and fit the bore. If you wanted a 5 grain 224 pellet, that wouldn't be in the realm of physical reality (unless you want to swage it from low density plastic instead of lead!).

The press can be used with any other -S dies, including jacketed rifle bullet swages or other kinds of pellet or slug swage dies. If you start with a SWC pellet and later want to move up to a smooth sided hollow point made in a point form die, no problem. Just add the die (PF-1-SP).

Here is the exact list of items included:
  1. CSP-1 S-press
  2. LSWC-1-S swage die with a standard nose punch and a standard base punch of your selection.
  3. CSL-2 swage lube
  4. LW-10 lead wire, 70,000 grain spool, appropriate diameter for the caliber specified.
  5. PCS-1 core cutter with inserts for the above lead wire diameter
  6. HB-9e CD-ROM handbook of swaging in PDF format
  7. DVD with general operating instructions illustrated by a die maker showing how to use various Corbin presses and dies, not just pellet swages.
  8. Printed instructions for each item.

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