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Lead Semi-Wadcutter Die, type -S
Lead Semi-Wadcutter Die, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LSWC-1-S
Price: $239.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Nose shape (ext.):
Target Wadcutter
Button Nose Wadcutter
Conical SWC
Keith Nose SWC
1/2-E Round Nose
3/4-E SWC
1-E Flat Tip SWC
Custom nose shape ($70) describe/note
Enter custom nose specs (if selected above):
  Add Hollow Point to selected shape ($70)
Select Base Shape:(Int.):
Flat Base
Dish Base
Cup Base
Hollow Base
Rebated Boattail Base
Base Guard(TM) Base
Custom Base
If checked, describe custom base:
Optional Note:
LSWC-1-S is a single die set with internal and external punch, having a straight bore and three bleed holes for weight adjustment. It can be used with soft lead up to Bhn 8-10 depending on the shape and caliber. The nose and the base are both formed by pressing against the end of a punch. Lead Semi-Wadcutter Die, type -S

The die set is used to make flat, cup, or hollow base lead bullets, gas checked or Base Guard base bullets, or half jacketed bullets if the jacket does not cover the position of the bleed holes in the die. The nose can be any SWC style (Keith, Button Wadcutter, Target Wadcutter, 3/4-E round nose, 1-E round nose, Conical, or any custom shape). The SWC styles always have a small shoulder, or step, between the end of the full-bore shank and the start of the nose.

LSWC-1-S dies are used for handgun bullets, or for hollow based or cup base lead paper-patched rifle bullets. If you order for paper patch use, be sure to specify a bullet diameter that will work in your barrel after you add the paper! A .45-70 caliber, for example, might use a .458 diameter swaged bullet for a lead bullet that is to be dip or spray lubed, but it might be more likely to use a .448 diameter for use with .0025 inch thick paper patch in the same gun.

Click for design page
You can add different nose and base punches to change the nose or base shapes in the same die. Shapes from left to right: TWC (target wadcutter), BWC (button nose wadcutter), Conical, Keith, AL (auto-loader), 3/4-E, and 1-E.

If you want custom bleed hole sizes, non-standard diameters, special punch shapes, or other features that are not "off the shelf" standards, please order the LSWC-1-SC custom die instead. It allows for various custom features.

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