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S-Press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSP-1
Price: $949.00
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds
  Extra Long handle, double leverage (107)
  Extra Roller side-bar handle (107.00)
Optional Note:
The CSP-1 S-Press is a high precision, dual-stroke, roller bearing press for bullet swaging and reloading.

It uses the Corbin -S swaging and drawing dies, as well as standard 7/8-14 thread reloading dies and button-type shell holders.

Note: The press ships with a standard length handle (Cat.No. CSP-1SH). You can order additional handles, such as the extra long handle or the extra side-roller handle, above. Long handles increase levergage but use longer reach or arm movement. Side-roller handles provide a horizontal roller grip, so the hand can be held in a more natural position which some users find less tiring during long periods of operation.

  • Calibers from 0.102 to 0.458 diameter
  • Bullet lengths up to 1.3 inches
  • Lead hardness up to Bhn 8-10 (depending on shape, size)
  • Dual-stroke settings of 2 or 4 inches
  • Four sets of roller bearings (in links)
  • Hard industrial chromed ram, 5/8-24 thread
  • Replaceable steel head, 7/8-14 thread
  • Comes with FREE reloading shell holder adapter
  • Comes with FREE primer catcher tray
  • Optional extra-long handle available
  • Now includes FREE handle retainer option
  • Net weight 25 lbs
  • Steel frame with precision compression/torsion struts
  • Each press fitted and aligned by die-maker's fixture
  • More than twice the power of conventional reloading presses
  • More than three times the tensile strength of cast presses
  • Hundreds of optional swaging and drawing dies available
  • Manufactures rifle and pistol jackets from tubing or strip
  • Mounts to your bench, to optional bench stand, or optional floor stand
  • Comes with FPH-1 floating punch holder for swage punches
  • Top quality construction, fit, and finish assure long life, high accuracy
  • Mounting plate thickness = 1/2 inch. Secure with 3 5/8-in bolts or screws to bench top.

CSP-1 presses are in demand by precision handloaders who want the most accurate, sturdy single station press available, as well as bullet makers who wish to make calibers from 0.102 to 0.458 diameter (lead or jacketed bullets).

The press typically ships in a special carton that is 19-in x 11-in x 9-in size. The handle is shipped in the same carton but not installed in the toggle (it fits left or right side, has a key to set the position, and a nut holds it securely in place. The press can be shipped express mail, priority mail, or UPS.

In special situations where shipping weight per package is an issue, the accessories, handle, ram and toggle assembly can easily be removed and shipped in a second carton. But of course the actual shipping carton and packaging weight would double in that case, so the total weight of both packages would be more.

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