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Pellet Swage Kit, type -R
Pellet Swage Kit, type -R Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-PR
Price: $676.00
Shipping Weight: 18.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Optional Note:
Select Base Shape:
Flat Base
Dish Base
Cup Base
Hollow Base
Rebated Boattail Base
Custom Base (+ $70)
If checked, describe custom base:
Select SWC nose shape:
Target Wadcutter
Button Nose Wadcutter
Conical SWC
Truncated cone (similar to Keith)
Keith Nose SWC
1/2-E round nose
3/4-E SWC
1-E Flat Tip SWC
Custom nose shape ($70) describe/note
Enter custom nose specs (if selected above):
  Add Hollow Point to selected shape ($70)
  Exchange Lead Wire and Cutter for a CM-4a Core Mold (+$133)
  For calibers over 375, exchange PCS-1 for PCS-2 (+$43)
Make precision airgun pellets (SWC-nose styles) in any size from .14  to .50 with the PRO-SWAGE PELLET MAKING KIT!

Note: These are pellets, not slugs, and have a small wadcutting shoulder just below the nose. They have more "shock" on impact, cut cleaner holes in paper, but do not have quite the range of a slug, which is made in the PF-1-SP type of die in the Corbin -S press rather than a reloading press. The nose shapes are the same as popular handgun bullet shapes, as shown.

nose shapes

Everything you need is included to make precise, adjustable weights using a sturdy single station reloading press similar to the RCBS Rock Chucker (T-slot ram, 7/8-14 head).
    Included in the Kit:
  1. PRO-1-R PRO-SWAGE hollow base round nose swage die in your choice of caliber.

  2. CSL-2 Swage Lube  (Also an excellent non-dieseling air gun pellet lubricant)

  3. LW-10 lead wire, 70,000 grain spool

  4. PCS-1 core cutter for above lead wire for wire of .365 and smaller OR PCS-2 core cutter for wire larger then .365-diameter (+30 for larger cutter)

  5. PUNCH-RW weight adjusting punch for precise weight control

  6. HB-9-E handbook of swaging e-book written instructions for each tool.
Now you can make any practical weight at will, to discover the very best possible match for your particular gun. Just set the core cutter for a little more than the weight you want, and cut a number of pieces of wire from the spool.  With a little swage lube on your finger tips, pick up the pieces and swage them to precise weight with the weight adjusting punch.

Then change to the nose punch, and swage this pre-adjusted weight into a perfect hollow based pellet! You can make hard to find calibers such as the .9mm, 35, .40, .45, and .50 calibers as well as .30, .25, .22, and .17 calibers with the proper size kit (specify diameter). And instead of acquiring dents and flaws from being shipped half way around the world in a tin, your pellets will be pristine, fresh, round and perfect... ready to try for that long range one hole group! Never run out of pellets or pay high import prices again! Make your own, and discover how much better your air gun can perform!

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