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Pro-Swage Ext. Punch, weight adjusting
Pro-Swage Ext. Punch, weight adjusting Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-RW
Price: $90.00
Shipping Weight: 0.15 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
This is the punch which fits into a reloading press t-slot ram, for adjusting the weight of a lead slug in the Pro-Swage die. The punch fits the die snugly, and has a bleed hole through the axis. The ram is raised all the way and the die is then screwed down, with the lead slug in place, until the punch contacts the lead. Then the ram is slightly lowered, and the die is given a partial turn closer toward the ram (downward). The ram is raised, and a small amount of lead is extruded through the bleed hole. The ram is lowered and the slug ejected. The thin wire extrusion, on the end of the slug, is then snipped off manually and the slug is weighed. When the weight is right (whatever is desired), the die is locked down and the rest of the lead slugs or cores are processed through the die.

The punch works only with soft Bhn5-6 lead cores. Attempting to form hard lead will void the warranty. The Pro-swage die is designed for forming soft lead only. The thin lead wire extruded from the end of the core will have the variations in weight, whereas the main body of the core will be whatever fixed volume you have set by using the ram at the top of the stroke. The volume or space within the die is fixed between the maximum punch height and the internal punch position in the die. It will not vary, so the variations in lead ccore volume must be pushed out through the punch bleed hole.

Avoid using excessively long cores when adjusting the weight, as this only wastes material and makes the operation harder to do. Lead variations of five or ten grains can be handled easily, leaving a nearly perfect core weight once you snip off the little "antenna" of lead. A fingernail clipper with the face ground flat works well for this.

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