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Air Gun Slug Kit, Solid Ogive/HP type -S
Air Gun Slug Kit, Solid Ogive/HP type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-2SP
Price: $1,693.00
Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds
Select Standard Parameters or Custom Design:
Custom diameter (example: .2185) ONLY IF SELECTED above (+$200):
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select ogive (nose) shape:
Custom Ogive Description (if applicable, +$200):
Diameter of flat tip, inches:
  Check if Hollow Point desired
Enter HP opening diameter (if applicable):
Enter HP inside min. diameter (if applicable):
Enter HP length (if applicable):
Optional Note:
Select Base Shape:
Flat Base
Shallow concave "Dish Base"
Cup Base (about 1/2-caliber deep cup)
Hollow Base (deep hollow cavity)
Rebated Boat Tail base
Custom Base Shape (+$70)
Enter custom base description/specs (if applicable):
  Additional Flat Base (FB) ($70)
  Additional Dish Base (DB) ($70)
  Additional Cup Base (CB) ($70)
  Additional Hollow Base (HB) ($70)
  Additional RBT Base ($70)
  Optional Hollow Ogive Core Swage
  Hollow Ogive Ejector (Punch-S INT)
  Exchange Lead Wire and Cutter for a CM-4a Core Mold (+$133)
  I am sending a sample to match (Custom work)
  No lead wire, mold, or core cutter (-$144)
This is a complete kit for making smooth, solid ogive air gun slugs quickly and easily in the CSP-1 S-press, with a PF-1-SP die. It includes the press, the die and your choice of nose and base shape as well as the caliber, 70,000 grains of lead wire of the appropriate diameter, a PCS-1 core cutter, Corbin Swage Lube, and full instructions for all items plus a DVD and CD-ROM handbook of swaging.

  1. Weight is adjustable over a wide range by extrusion of lead during forming.
  2. Tip can be made with a hollow point or a solid flat end just by changing the ejector punch (optional).
  3. Base shape can be changed by using a different base punch (optional).
  4. Slug is formed in one stroke, in a single die, which adjusts weight prcisely.
  5. Additional dies can be used with the same press to make different slug diameters or shapes.
  6. One die can be ordered with many base shapes or different kinds of hollow points or a solid tip.
  7. The ogive shape, width of the tip (meplat), and the diameter are fixed (cannot be changed) unless you get a different die.
  8. The weight, base shape, and hollow point or tip style (but not width) can be changed by adjustment or by optional punches.
  9. The same press can make nearly infinite calibers and kinds of other bullets including jacketed rifle and handgun bullets, by using other dies.
  10. The same press can also be used as a high precision reloading press and comes with the free adapters for standard reloading shell holders.

You can order the STANDARD PARAMETERS for any caliber by checking the "standard" box and leaving all the other settings at their default, with all the boxes left empty. This will order the most popular, standard dimension hollow point shape in a 2-S ogive with a cup base.

It is usually the best choice, which is why it has become the standard. But if you WANT to specify other dimensions, please feel free to do so. Just remember that when you check the STANDARD box, it is far more likely that this will be either in stock or made sooner because we make so many, so often, compared to all the other options.

STANDARD DIAMETERS are also lower cost because the tooling is already built and maintained to produce these sizes in quantity. Other diameters require making reamers, laps, and setting up the machinery and tooling to produce a one-off special die for you. We're glad to do it, but it does take more die-maker time.

The STANDARD SPECS are shown for each standard caliber. To over-ride them, simply fill in your own specs in the blanks or choose another option than the default shown. Anything you fill in will over-ride the standard shown IF POSSIBLE. You CAN enter impossible combinations, such as a hollow point larger than the ejector punch that is turned down at the top to make the HP. That's impossible. You can also enter specs that are too fragile and won't last long in actual use. Unless you have read the information on CORBINS.COM web site regarding the reason for certain ranges of specifications and are sure you know what you want and why, it would be better to use the standard specs shown. The blanks are only there for folks who want to experiment, and want to try something different. You do NOT need to fill anything in unless you feel the need.
Standard Specs Meaning:
Standard specs are listed in a shortened format such as .250 2-S ogive .134-tip .100 x .050 HP .130-deep. Breaking this down, it means:
  • .250 = the caliber or diameter in decimal inches.
  • 2-S ogive = the radius of the nose curve (ogive) in calibers
  • .134-tip = the diameter of the ejection pin, which also determines the meplat or width of the bullet tip.
  • .100 x .050 HP = the opening diameter (.100) and the diameter at the bottom of the hollow point hole (.050).
  • .130-deep = the depth of the hollow point from the .100 opening to the .050 bottom.
The ejection pin diameter is also a fitted lapped size to the hole in the threaded end of the die. You cannot change the tip or meplat diameter in a die without replacing the die, and you cannot use different diameter ejectors in the same die. They are precisely fitted both in diameter to seal pressure, and in the exact length so as to from the tip where it should be, at the end of the ogive. Each ejector is hand fitted in length to the exact depth of cavity in the die. Ejectors are marked with this sync number (synchronization number) or actually two numbers in inches. This "marries" the punch to the particular die. This is what permits the use of high pressure of the entire bullet shape, tip, hollow point, and weight control by bleed-off all in one die.

Please note that adding additional hollow point or base shape punches doesn't add much additional time to the order: the main time saving is in having a ready-to-go standard die with everything exactly the same as the others we made in that batch run. Making some additional punches takes a little extra time but not nearly so much as setting up for an individual, one-off die matched to special dimension punches that must be hand fitted and synchronized with the die. Once we have a ready to go die with its punches, we have already discovered the exact cavity depth and have the sync numbers for it, making additional punches faster to build and fit.

Note: If you want to use your own lead, you can exchange the lead wire and core cutter for a CM-4a core mold. We will match the size to your caliber so you do not have to specify core diameter. To do this, check the box shown above. If you want both lead wire and a core mold, just order the core mould separately.

The most popular nose and base shape is the 2-S nose and a cup base. To make a hollow point, just specify the length, diameter at the tip, and diameter at the bottom (inside the hole). The hollow point is formed against a projecting tip on the synchronized ejector punch. The punch is made with a removable "insert pin" held in place by a set screw in the punch head. The length of the punch is critical to the nearest 0.001 inch and is marked on the die and punch as well as the instruction sheet that comes with them. If you order another shape or HP style, the "sync" length is required to match the die properly.

Unlike regular ejection pins in a normal jacketed bullet point former, these are pressure sealing and synchronized to the exact cavity depth in a specific die. They seal off the end of the die and let you make a flat tip or a hollow point depending on how much of the pin projects into the die cavity, if any. Too short of a pin will cause a little ridge or projection on the end of the bullet, where lead goes into the ejection pin hole. Too long of a pin will make a large hollow point that is the size of the entire pin or a double step hollow point on HP punches. With the correct length, the largest diameter of the punch just meets the end of the die cavity, and any hollow point created is made by a reduced projection on the end of the punch.

You can order just the insert (PUNCH-SI) with various lengths and diameters of HP projections or a flat end punch without any projection, so long as the diameter of the main punch body fits the die exactly, and the length matches the sync number on the die. Do not try to interchange these punches in other dies, since the cavity depth varies slightly and may cause lack of synchronization, with the above-mentioned effects.

The weight is adjustable. The die bleeds off surplus lead and leaves a fixed volume, which is set by moving the punch holder up and down to leave the desired weight in the die after extruding the extra lead through bleed holes in the die. The minimum weight is set by where the internal punch comes to rest within the die. It is a good idea to mention the minimum weight you want, so we can make sure to design the punch to produce that. It will also make heavier weights. Of course the minimum weight cannot be less than the weight of the nose by itself plus at least a reasonable length of straight sided "shank" to align and fit the bore. If you wanted a 5 grain 224 pellet, that wouldn't be in the realm of physical reality (unless you want to swage it from low density plastic instead of lead!).

The press can be used with any other -S dies, including jacketed rifle bullet swages or other kinds of pellet or slug swage dies. You can add other calibers for air gun slugs, or swage handgun or rifle bullets in the range from 0.102 to 0.458 diameter, if the length is 1.3 inches or less (due to press stroke and die length limitations -- longer bullets can be made with the CSP-2 Mega Mite press or CHP-1 Hydro-Press with -H type dies).

Here is the exact list of items included:
  1. CSP-1 S-press
  2. PF-1-SP swage die with a standard nose shape and a standard base punch of your selection.
  3. CSL-2 swage lube
  4. LW-10 lead wire, 70,000 grain spool, appropriate diameter for the caliber specified.
  5. PCS-1 core cutter with inserts for the above lead wire diameter
  6. HB-9e CD-ROM handbook of swaging in PDF format
  7. DVD with general operating instructions illustrated by a die maker showing how to use various Corbin presses and dies, not just pellet swages.
  8. Printed instructions for each item.

The OPTIONAL hollow ogive core swage die and ejector punch effectively convert this kit into the KIT-3SP PLUS the ability to make solid ogive slugs. If you order the core swage die (CSW-1-S) it will come with a hollow ogive punch shape in the same caliber as the point forming die. You can either make the slugs with the PF-1-SP alone, for either the standard HP/solid ogive style, or you can first preform a cylinder with a large hollow cavity, and use that WITH the longer hollow ogive ejector punch to make the hollow ogive style slugs.

Likewise, you can order the KIT-3SP for hollow ogives, and then add ejectors made for hollow point, solid ogive slugs to use in the PF-1-SP which is included in that kit. It already comes with the H.O. ejector and the core swage, which is what makes it the "3" kit instead of the "2" kit. It does not have the ejector punch for making solid ogive slugs with hollow or flat tips included, but you can add them to it if you prefer to do it that way. EITHER WAY, YOU WIND UP WITH THE SAME ABILITY to make both the hollow ogive and the solid ogive hollow point slugs. It is the same thing, just starting from a different point. Cost is the same.

Swaging is extremely versatile and modular! You can get to the same point by great many different paths!

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