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Point Form Die, -H, custom size/shape
Point Form Die, -H, custom size/shape Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-HD
Price: $626.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Select wire diameter:
Use standard size for caliber
Other, custom made ($175 or $35/ea)
Enter custom size if checked:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
Diameter of flat tip, inches:
Select Nose Shape:
Truncated Cone (TC)
1/2-E Blunt RN
3/4-E Pistol RN
1-E Rifle RN
Luger 9mm shape
2-S Short Spitzer
4-S Short Spitzer
6-S Standard Rifle
8-S Spitzer
10-S Spitzer
12-S spitzer
Ultra Low Drag Secant
Custom Shape
Enter custom ogive specs:
This is a custom shape or diameter (or both) of a standard point forming die for the Hydro Press or Mega Mite press (-H type). We also offer a custom PF-1-HC die that can have other special features, such as larger diameter body, bleed holes, dual diameters, and so forth, but the PF-1-HD (-D = custom diameter, but also for custom shape in standard diameters) is priced lower because it only includes the time and material to produce custom reamers and laps.

If the shape and the size is one of our standards, meaning we make enough of them to build production type tooling and potentially keep the dies in stock most of the time, then we build high volume production reamers and make bulk lots of laps, so that the tooling cost is spread over many dies. When one of the below is true, it means we must make a one-off special set of reamers and laps just for this order:
  1. The bullet diameter is not one of our "off the shelf" standard sizes.
  2. The ogive shape is not not one of our "off the shelf" standards.
  3. The combination of ogive shape and diameter is not one usually found on a standard bullet.
The first two are obvious: the hole in the die is made by the reamer and laps, so if the hole has a different than standard diameter, or a different than standard shape, either or both being the case, it requires making tooling before the die can be built.

The third situation isn't quite as obvious: you might want a standard pistol nose shape on a standard rifle diameter, but this combination still would require making a new reamer and lap set. Or you might want a long, rifle style ogive shape on a pistol caliber, and that also means making new tooling to produce the die. Whenever new tooling is required, for whatever reason, it makes the die a custom one. If the only custom part is the shape or size of bullet, then the lower cost PF-1-HD can be ordered instead of the more comprehensive PF-1-HC. We needed a catalog designation for the "catch-all" custom work that might include larger than standard die body, special die lengths, custom threading, combinations of bleed holes and other features in the same die, etc., and that included the additional cost for die-maker time required to do all of it. But if the only thing required to be custom is the hole shape and size, then it seemed more equitable to offer a different catalog number with a lower price.

Please note that you do not have to fill in all of the blanks, just the ones that require a response and are in bold print. If you don't know a dimension or spec or don't really care so long as it works, just leave it blank or select "standard". Or use the "NOTE" to explain what you want. Or send a sample and use the "NOTE" to tell us that a sample is coming, or was already sent.

Standard ogive shapes are shown on,, and

If you should select a combination that is impractical, we will contact you about it and see how you'd like to proceed. We won't ship something that won't work, such as a point form die with a 0.047 inch ejection pin selected in a .458 caliber. Don't worry about ordering things that are impossible to build or have no chance of correct operation. We might not be able to predict whether your special diameter and ogive shape will feed or shoot accurately in your particular gun, but we can certainly determine if the bullet can be made in properly operating die and punch combination.

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