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Point Forming Die, type -H
Point Forming Die, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-H
Price: $386.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Select Ogive (nose) Shape:
Truncated Cone (TC)
1/2-E Blunt RN
3/4-E Pistol RN
1-E Rifle RN
1-E standard flat tip (50% of caliber)
Luger 9mm shape
2-S Short Spitzer
4-S Short Spitzer
6-S Standard Rifle
8-S Spitzer
10-S Spitzer
12-S spitzer
Ultra Low Drag Secant
Custom Shape (+ $240)
Enter custom ogive specs:
Select wire diameter:
Use standard size for caliber
Other, custom made ($175 or $35/ea)
Enter custom size if checked:
Diameter of flat tip, inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
Optional Note:
  No external punch (base) desired (-$50.00)
  No internal punch (ejector) desired. (-50.00)
The PF-1-H point forming die is the final step in a 3-die set, for shaping the smooth ogive or nose portion of the bullet, without a step or shoulder. The use of a punch to form the nose leaves a step from the edge of the punch. The PF-1-H point former curves the jacket or lead around in a smooth transition.

You can specify the caliber and the ogive shape, as well as the width of the flat tip, if you want a flat tip, and the shape of the base (which should match the shape from the core seater or RBT forming dies used to seat the core). The ejection pin which pushes the bullet out of the die is either a standard size designed by Corbin for proper strength for a given caliber, or it is custom to your specifications (additional cost). The ejection pin punch or internal punch can also be synchronized and honed to seal the end of the die, so you can form smooth lead tip bullets without using a lead tip forming stage. This makes the die a custom job (additional cost), and the width can be specified.

For lead bullets such as airgun pellets, paper patched bullets, and shotgun slugs, the die can be designed with a series of bleed holes to adjust the weight while the ogive and tip are being formed. This will require the use of a synchronized length, honed fit ejection pin to seal the pressure necessary to extrude lead. See the PF-1-HC custom die for details and prices of the various options.

Non-standard ejection pin size for the caliber requires building a custom die and adds $120.

See standard ejection pin sizes

Check one or both of the options that say "No internal..." or "No external..." desired. If you check both, you get the die body itself without any punches, and the price is reduced by the cost of those two punches. If you select one or the other, then you receive the die with the punch fitting the opposite end of the die from the one you checked as not being desired.

Why would anyone do that? Well, if you already had a similar die and broke or lost it but still had one or both of the punches, you might want to order just the replacement items. Of course, it is critical that you select the same ejection in hole size as the existing internal or ejector punch, if you are ordering without the internal punch. If you order a .081 ejection pin hole and have a .091 existing internal punch, the problem should be obvious. The ejector has to fit closely into the hole in the threaded end of the die. You don't get a smaller tip on the bullet by trying to use the wrong size of ejection pin! (Best way to get a smaller tip opening is to use the tip closer die LT-1-HC, or get a tip closer punch for an existing LT-1-H lead tip finishing die. The punch designation is PUNCH-HJ, with the same caliber and ogive shape as your point form die.)

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