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Tip Seat/ Point Former, -H
Tip Seat/ Point Former, -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-HT
Price: $610.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Optional Note:
Select style of tip insert:
Ultra Low Drag TIP (ULD-TIP)
Pin Point TIP (25-deg nose cone)
No Insert: HP only
No Insert, solid tip ejector only
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
The PF-1-HT tip seater and point former is used in the place of a standard point former, when making ultra low drag (high BC) bullets with the Corbin ULD tip insert, or high BC shorter bullets with the Corbin PIN POINT tip insert.

Two ejector punches are provided with the PF-1-HT die. The first ejector punch almost finishes the ogive shape, but leaves a cavity and opening large enough to accept the stem of the tip insert.

The second ejector punch supports and aligns the tip insert in a cavity made in the end of the punch. It pushes the tip into the open end of the bullet, finishes forming the ogive, and secures the tip into the bullet on exact center.

The first ejector punch has a probe or projection on the end, which assures a proper size of opening for the insert stem. The second ejector punch has a cavity in the end, to accept the sharp end of the insert and guide it into the bullet end.

You will want to select either the ULD-TIP style, or the PIN-POINT style. The ULD-TIP is for long, slender high BC, long range bullets in the range of 7mm to .510 caliber, using the ULD-TIP inserts TIP-30 (for 7mm to .338 typically) or the TIP-50 (from .338 to .510 caliber). There is some cross over or fuzzy area where you can use either TIP-30 or TIP-50 with satisfatory results in the same die set. But only the choice of TIP-30 or TIP-50, not the TIP-45 which is an entirely different angle and shape, and is strictly for use in the PIN-POINT dies.

The purpose of the TIP-45 is to provide a shorter ogive more in line with bullets designed for airguns (all lead or jacketed), muzzle loaders, black powder cartridge guns shooting a hollow based short projectile with slow twist rifling, or any modern handgun or rifle caliber where the overall length of the cartridge and bullet is relatively short for the caliber. A good example is the .45 Bushmaster in an AR-15 style rifle. The 25-degree angle of the tip insert blends with a 4-S tangent ogive to make a hybrid ogive bullet that is stable in normal rifling twist, has extremely high BC for the weight and caliber, and has a length that feeds and loads well in the intended firearm.
Metal tip inserts do not melt or sag back in flight, and resist deformation in loading and feeding as well as recoil induced battering in magazines. The metal tip decreases air resistance, flattens trajectory, and acts as a positive expander on impact, depending on the specific jacket design and core material used. With a soft lead core for maximum density and ductility, the metal tip can produce dramatic expansion at lower than expected impact speeds. The plated steel tips have higher density than polymer tips, as well as being more heat and flex resistant, so they help add to BC both by their shape and by their weight.

PF-1-HT with internal and external punch, and PUNCH-HT core seating punch PF-1-HT Ejection pin punch tips ULD tip install

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