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Accessory Kit for CSP-2 Press
Accessory Kit for CSP-2 Press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSP-2KIT
Price: $429.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
This is the complete accessory and information package which is included with each Mega Mite press. It is offered here to supplement a second-hand press that might have been obtained without all the components originally provided when new, or in case of accidental loss such as during a move, fire, or other unusual event. It is not NORMALLY necessary to buy this package, but if you need it, here it is! The individual items are available separately on other store listings. The kit includes the following items:
  1. FPH-1-H Floating Punch Holder which includes:
    • LOCKR-H Lock Nut, with 5/32 hex key wrench, to position the punch holder and secure it.
    • FPH-1HH Punch Retainer Bushing (hex bushing) to secure external punches in the holder.

  2. RLA-1-H Reloading Adapter Kit which includes:
    • RLA-B Adapater Bushing, 1.5-12 thread (head plate) to 7/8-14 thread (std. reloading dies).
    • RLA-EX Ram Extender/Adapter, 1.0-12 thread (ram) to 7/8-14 thread for 50 BMG shell holder (optional) or RLA-H T-slot adapter.
    • RLA-H Shell Holder Adapter (t-slot) 7/8-14 thread to RCBS Button Shell Holder, fits into RLA-EX.

  3. CHP-PIN Retraction pin, 1/4-in diam stainless steel with point on one end, for retraction of internal swage punches. Fits all Corbin -H presses.

  4. CSP-2KO Knock-out bar set (4), goes through the ram to stop internal punch on down stroke for ejection. Match bar height + punch head length = constant.

  5. CSP-2C Handle Retainer Clip assembly. Mounts on press link to retain handle in upright position. Sent unattached to avoid bending in shipment.

  6. Hex Key, 1/8-in, for CSP-2C mounting screws and ram link pin retaining set screw.

  7. CSP-2 Press brochure and instructions, additional instructions for the accessory items.
Note that all the above is contained in a white corrugated box packaged in the carton with the press. Sometimes this box is overlooked, and it is assumed that the parts or accessories were not included with the shipment. Please save the packing materials as well as the large custom press carton until you are certain you have all of the items sent with the press. It is a good idea to save the box and all the packing material in it for a few days, at least, just to make certain you have found all of the items and have not left something hidden in the bracing or padding materials. Also, the box and bracing is a carefully engineered system for protecting the press during shipment, and costs about $30 to replace. You might want to save it in case you should ever wish to ship the press somewhere in the future.

CSP-2KIT contents (instruction sheets not shown)
CSP-2KIT contents (instruction sheets not shown)
CSP-2KIT contents (instruction sheets not shown)

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