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Retraction Pin, CSP-2 or CHP-1
Retraction Pin, CSP-2 or CHP-1 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-PIN
Price: $7.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
This is a 1/4-inch diameter stainless steel pin, which fits through the ram and a hole in the internal punch head for -H dies, when used in the CSP-2 Mega Mite or the CHP-1 Hydro- Press. The purpose is to retract the punch on the up stroke by transferring the force of a large spring located around the press ram through the pin to the punch head.

The pin is best installed by raising the ram, inserting the internal punch into the ram and aligning the hole in the punch head with the slot in the ram, and then pushing the retraction pin through the ram and hole in the punch under the spring, and on top of the knock-out bar.

If the punch is correctly installed, the internal punch will be pushed down when the ram is raised, and will come to a stop against a shoulder inside the ram. On lowering the ram, the punch will be stopped by the knock-out bar as the ram continues down. With the correct knock-out bar in the press ram, the internal punch will stop at the top of the die when the ram is fully down. With the CHP-1 Hydro-Press, the bottom position of the ram is adjustable by means of the bottom position sensor. In the CSP-2 press, the bottom position is fixed by the mechanics of the linkage so the ejection position of the internal punch is set by using different heights of knock-out bars.

The retraction pin is offered here as a replacement. One comes with each of the appropriate presses, so you do not need to purchase it separately other than as a spare part.

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