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Floating Punch Holder, -H
Floating Punch Holder, -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: FPH-1-H
Price: $149.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
FPH-1-H floating punch holder fits the 1.5 x 12 threaded head of the Corbin -H presses, both hand and power types. It holds the external punch and permits adjustment for weight and length of cores and bullets.

One FPH-1-H comes with each press. Individuals wishing to set up a certain punch position and lock it by using lock nuts on the holder, so that the same position can be repeated after removing the punch holder and punch, can purchase additional holders to dedicate to a specific punch. (Generally, setup is quick enough so that this is not a necessity.)

For more precise weight control with power presses, the Corbin Positive Stop punch holder (FPH-2-H) is recommended. This punch holder is hardened steel designed to take the full power of the Hydro Press, and stall the ram at a set position for absolute control of the stopping point during core swaging. It eliminates slight drift in the cylinder drive system as well as minor tolerances in the non-contact position transducers, for a virtually zero tolerance setting in regard to extruding surplus lead core.

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