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Delivery Time

Corbin Hydro-Press
Corbin Hydro-Press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-1
Price: $12,540.00
Shipping Weight: 405.00 pounds
Select Power Option:
115 volts 60hz (base price)
220 volts 50 hz (+$838)
  Digital Pressure Read-Out ($1550.00)
The CHP-1 Hydro-Press is used by 90% of the world's custom bullet firms and research labs. It uses the Corbin -H swaging and drawing dies, as well as standard 7/8-14 thread reloading dies and button-type shell holders with the optional reloading adapter kit.

With fully adjustable stroke from 1-6 inches, electronic position and timing, three position transducers and two pressure transducers, the Hydro-Press provides not just raw power but power with repeatable, precision control.

The CHP-1 Hydro Press uses the same -H type dies as the CSP-2 Mega Mite hand press.

Not every die set will operate in the hand press, however, even if they fit mechanically. For example, the LED-1-H Lead Extruder Die will fit into the hand press, but requires full drive power through the entire stroke to actually extrude lead wire. The Hydro Press has the same full power capability anywhere in its stroke reange, but a hand press only generates full power (ram thrust) at the ends of the stroke.

Likewise, certain kinds of jacket making cannot be done on the hand press but are easily accomplished on the Hydro Press. Any flat strip jacket making operation, converting copper strip into drawn jackets, is far easier on the hydraulic press. But thicknesses of strip greater than .030 inches or wider than 1.0 inches can be either very challenging or impossible to blank and cup using hand power.

Drawing long jackets from one size to another is also much easier with the full power six inch ram travel of the Hydro Press. Some lengths of draw may require multiple partial strokes with resetting of the die position between them on a hand press, yet are one pass on the Hydro Press.

A common question about the Hydro Press is how much faster it makes bullets than would a hand press.

This is NOT a fully automatic press but one with a stroke cycle that can be set to an automatic mode. Only in certain special situations is it possible to provide full automatic feeding and stroke cycle combined, such as with the JMK-2-H copper strip feeding head option (see JMK-2-H for details). The feeding of parts into the press is done by hand just as it is with the hand powered press. The greater production rate possible on the Hydro Press is because it can finish the entire stroke and eject the part without operator intervention.

That means you can be doing something else while the ram moves up a preset distance, applies a "programmed" pressure, holds for a precise dialed in time, travels down and ejects the part, and then waits for another part to be inserted and the cycle buttons to be pressed again.

This roughly doubles the output per hour over using a hand press, since with the hand press you have to devote all of that time to operation of the press plus handling the parts. It is not because of greater ram speed or automatic part feeding, but because of the automation of the ram stroke for one cycle at a time that you can get more done in the same time frame.

Also the Hydro Press develops about the same ram thrust as the hand press, around nine tons, but the hand press can only reach those levels at the very end of the stroke. Moving down even a fraction of an inch lowers the mechanical advantage and drops the ram thrust on a log function scale. The Hydro Press, on the other hand, can provide that same force continually, through the entire stroke at every position of the ram.

This is very important for drawing and forming long bullets and jackets, where resistance is encountered somewhere other than just the last half to quarter inch of ram travel. In most bullet swaging operations, the end of the stroke is the only place in the ram travel where much force is needed.

The rest of the stroke is just moving the die and punches together without applying any significant pressure to the jacket or core material. But long ogives, long jackets, long bullets, lead extrusion, and drawing jackets from strip or copper tube all benefit from having more power earlier in the stroke cycle.

  • Calibers from 0.100 to 1.0 inch diameter
  • Bullet lengths up to 3.5 inches
  • Lead hardness up to Bhn 15 (depending on shape, size)
  • Stroke length from 1 to 6 inches, fully adjustable
  • Electronic dwell timing at top and bottom of stroke
  • Programmable stroke cycles
  • Pressure-sensing ram control with position override
  • Comes with FPH-1-H floating punch holder
  • Standard 115 v 60 hz 5 amp average, 12 amp peak draw
  • Optional 220 v 50 hz power conversion
  • Ram threaded 1-in x 12
  • Removable steel head, standard 1.5-in x 12 thread
  • Built-in control interfaces for optional strip feed
  • Key-locked control for power and automatic cycling
  • Reloads 50 BMG, 20mm, other large calibers
  • Extrudes lead wire with optional LED-1-H extruder kit
  • Hundreds of optional swaging and drawing dies available
  • Manufactures rifle and pistol jackets from tubing or strip
  • Completely self-contained in air-cooled, powder-coated steel cabinet
  • Low noise level during operation
  • Industrial quality components for decades of trouble-free operation
  • Maintenance is virtually nil: wipe down polished surfaces with light oil
  • Change operations, calibers in seconds with low cost tooling

Shipping weight 408 lbs. Shipping is an estimate: actual cost depends on truck or airline routing. It will be quoted prior to shipping.

CHP-1 Top Panel

Note: We are not able to export this product. Customers in other countries can arrange for air freight or ocean freight delivery, or truck delivery to Canada and Mexico themselves, by contacting local freight firms such as the local office of UPS, DHL, or FedEx, or other freight handling firms. Corbin can prepare commercial invoices and package for export (document preparation and shipping materials fee applies). We cannot arrange to handle the export shipping and customs paperwork directly, but you can have this done through your freight firm.

CHP-1 Carton CHP-1 Carton CHP-1 Carton
The press is shipped in a sturdy carton clearly marked with tie down lift gate, non-tipping and other instructions. If it does not arrive in a carton which looks like these pictures (at least reasonably close, as we may change carton markings to keep up with changing rules and laws) reject the shipment. It would mean that the original carton was removed or destroyed. This probably would mean also that mishandling has damaged the press, or could have done so.

The press is shipped on a 20 x 25 inch custom pallet with a triple wall heavy corrugated cardboard carton secured to the pallet, and protecting the press. The carton and pallet makes a 59-inch tall package. The weight is 405 lbs (gross). The hydraulic fluid used in the press is considered non-flammable material. For ultimate delivery in other countries using 220-240v power, the press is delivered with a power cord but without a power plug on the end of it, since there are so many versions used around the world. Also some people wire the press directly to a breaker box, without a plug.

Although the chances of shipping damage are not great, it is imporant to read the shipping instructions because they will explain what to do when the carton arrives, before signing the delivery receipt. Once you sign the receipt, certain legal issues are settled that may preclude recovering insurance damages if you find that the carton was mishandled, dropped, hit by a fork lift, etc., and there is damage to the press.


Be certain to read the shipping instructions before the press arrives, so you know what to do immediately if you see any sign of damage. Also you will know that you do NOT sign anything until you check the "Tip-N-Tell" indicator mounted on the carton. If the indicator shows that the carton was tipped past 15-degrees from vertical, or if there is any indication of damage, however slight, either do NOT accept delivery and do NOT sign any papers, or else sign "Received in Damaged Condition".

Once you sign, without any special note about damage, you have in effect said that the package was receivcd in acceptable condition, and thus given up your right to claim insurance for damages you may find after opening the carton. Dropping the carton off the back of a truck or off the dock onto the concrete drive below may not show up as damage on the outside of the carton. The "Tip-N=Tell" indicator will typcally show some indication of tipping. Even the slightest indication is enough to either reject the package or sign with the damaged condition caveat. After all you don't have to be right about it, and there is no law tha tsays you have to do anything if you don't find damage. But having that protection in place can be very valuable.

Power Options

The press comes standard for use with 110-120v 60hz single phase power (standard USA household supply, 15 amp circuit with average 8-10 amp draw).

The 220v option is added when you select the A220V power option. This option includes internal modifications to step the line voltage down to 110-120v for the control and indicator lighting system, provided additional switch contacts and wiring, and uses a special 50 hz motor with voltage settings for the proper ranges, as well as a pair of cartridge fuses in a heavy duty fuse block for extra line and circuit protection. Actual input voltage can range from 220 to 240v.

Unless you NEED to use the higher voltage option, it is better (in the USA and Canada) to select the standard or default 115 volt 60hz power option included in the basic price. Any modern grounded household 115v outlet in good condition capable of supplying power for a 1.5-HP motor, without other heavy-load devices on the same circuit, is adequate. Only use a modern 3-prong grounded outlet of good quality construction. Replace old, worn or two prong ungrounded outlets with a good quality 3 prong outlet if necessary. Do not use 2=prong adapters or extension cords.

Readout Option

Optional CHP-DRO Digital Pressure Read-Out system may be ordered as a factory-installed option on any new Hydro-Press. Provides more precise readout with higher accuracy as well as finer resolution. This does not replace the standard panel mounted analog gauge. It adds an internal pressure sensor, 24-v regulated power supply, internal hydraulic fitting and quick connect sensor wiring, and adds a panel mounted socket to the press on the right side, above the power cable. A mounting system is added to the rear top edge of the press cabinet to mount the read-out meter. The meter can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf if desired.

Both the power for the meter, and the pressure signal come through the same cable, so there is no need for separate plug-in to power. There are no controls or switches required since the meter is on as soon as it is plugged in, and the transducer and meter are calibrated to read 0 to 3000 psi with a 5-digit bright red display.

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Note: Shipping cost is only a software estimate. Before charging your card or sending a commercial invoice, we will get a current shipping rate from a reliable LTL freight firm. Bank cards are not charged automatically. PayPal withdraws your funds immediately, however. If you use a bank card, we will make sure of the shipping cost and review the total with you before asking to charge your bank card. On larger purchases, it may be worth your time to send a check rather than paying the 3.5% free added by your bank for processing your card payment.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
Note: 3.5% Bank Card Processing Fee added by Card Processing Service. VCC Number is required for security: send by email with order number.
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