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Die Strength/Pressure Calculator
Die Strength/Pressure Calculator Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: DC-DIES
Price: $12.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
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The DC-DIES program helps you calculate the breaking pressure and maximum safe pressure that can be used in a swage die of any diameter and tensile strength, and what gauge pressure this would be on a hydraulic press with any desired size of drive cylinder. It also calculates the equivalent pressure and ram thrust for any two hydraulic presses using different size drive cylinders, which is useful for press design.

There are two screens. On the first screen, you will see these entry boxes:
  1. Bore Diameter (inches)
  2. Die Diameter (inches)
  3. Tensile Strength (PSI)
  4. Drive Cylinder Diameter (inches)
Three buttons, labeled "calculate", "reset", and "quit", are provided. The "reset" button fills in the blanks with standard example sizes and values, similar to those used in the CHP-1 Hydro Press made by Corbin. The "calculate" button applies the values and brings up a set of answers. The answer boxes appear when you press "calculate" and are erased when you press "reset".

The answers are:
  1. Safe Pressure (PSI)
  2. Breaking Point (PSI)
  3. Punch Area (Sq.In)
  4. Oil Pressure (PSI)
  5. Ram Thrust (Lbs)
  6. Ram Thrust (Tons)

Hydraulic Systems Calculator

The Hydraulics window has two columns, labeled Cylinder A and Cylinder B. These represent the figures for two different hydraulic designs using different size cylinders (you can enter the same size and check the answers, which should be the same for both in that case).

The items that you can enter are:
  1. Diameter (inches) for system A
  2. Diameter (inches) for system B
  3. Pressure (PSI) applied to both
The diameter is the piston diameter (or cylinder bore). The pressure is applied to both so you can compare the thrust developed in both size hydraulic systems. The answers appear for both system A and for system B. There is also a conversion of the pressure to Kg/sq-cm.

The answers are (for each of the two systems):
  1. Area (Sq-in) of the pistons
  2. Thrust (Lbs) developed by the cylinder
  3. Press Tonnage

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