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Catcher Tray for CSP-2, CHP-1 press
Catcher Tray for CSP-2, CHP-1 press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CHP-T
Price: $22.00
Shipping Weight: 0.80 pounds
The CHP-T Catcher Tray keeps bits of lead extrusions and spent primers from falling on the press top, into the ram slot, and on the floor. It works with your CSP-2 Mega Mite or CHP-1 Hydro Press, with the reloading adapter, Corbin PT-50 priming tool, and any -H type die that extrudes lead to adjust the bullet or core weight (such as the CSW-1-H, LSWC-1-H, or custom weight-adjusting pellet swage and paper-patch swage dies.

The .036-in thick steel unit consists of two sections. The top section has three sides and a bottom with a 1-1/8 inch diameter hole. Your reloading adapter, primer tool, or swage die with 1-in 12 pitch threads slips easily through the hole and screws as usual into the ram, clamping the tray firmly to the top of the ram guide plate.

The lower section is a four-sided box which holds the spent primers or extrusions that otherwise would fall to the top of the press or onto the floor. It keeps the ram free of debris that might otherwise drop through the ram slot.

The use of the catcher tray also blocks the possible high velocity expulsion of bits of lead or other core material which might take place when attempting to swage harder alloys at high pressures. The bleed holes in the dies are lower than the sides of the 3-sided upper section, so that bits of lead blown rapidly from the die holes harmlessly strike the metal side walls and are instantly stopped.

The CHP-T catcher tray also can be "hung" on a 7/8-14 threaded draw die used in the top of the S-press or a standard reloading press, so that the assembly hangs at an angle. This allows bullets or jackets being drawn to emerge from the top of the die and roll into the box section. This makes it faster to draw jackets or bullets since no time is needed to manually catch and move the emerging parts.

The steel unit is powder coated with an oil and grease resistant black finish, and is normally used with the box portion at the rear of the press, but can be mounted in either direction (box forward or to the rear). However, as a safety device to block possible fast expulsion of hard core extrusions, the open back of the top section should be facing away from the operator.

catcher tray

When used with the Corbin 50 BMG primer tool, the adjustment of the primer seating rod will need to be set .036 inches higher to make up for the thickness of the metal held under the primer adapter body. For nearly any other operation, this makes little or no difference in operation or setting.

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