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Rimfire Jacket 224 Bullet-Making Kits

Corbin offers two types of kits for making free .224 bullets from fired .22 LR cases and recovered or scrap soft lead. One is for use in your standard 7/8-14 threaded single station reloading press (type -R). The other includes type -S dies and the Corbin S-press (CSP-1). The -S type system, with the Corbin S-press, can be expanded with other die sets to make any caliber from .102 to .458 diameter.

Rimfire case bullets Either kit can turn a fired .22 LR case into a 50-60 grain spitzer open tip bullet, and can also make other weights of flat based bullets with open tips using commercial bullet jackets. Both kits include the CM-4a core mold, a jacket maker, swage lube, information CD rom and DVD video, and swage dies. The -R system has the BSD-224R 2-die set, and the -S system has the FJFB-3-S 3-die set including the core swage, core seater and point former.

Both kits are equally able to be assembled by YOU, simply by selecting the appropriate and desired tools individually. You can do this for any caliber, although some may need commercial jackets or other means of providing jackets instead of the RFJM-22 jacket maker kit. The two kits offered are easy examples of complete packages, to help you in making your own kit for other calibers. You can also add optional rebated boattail and lead tip forming dies to these kits at any point.

Included is the KIT-6MR kit, which makes 6mm or .243 bullets, because it is almost the same package with slightly different dies. Most other calibers are not appropriate size for using fired .22 LR cases although you can make 5mm or .204 caliber, .172 caliber, and .142 (.14) caliber by redrawing and trimming either commercial .22 or rimfire .22 jackets.

224 / 6mm Swaging Kits

224 Bullet Swage Kit 224 Bullet Swage Kit
Code: KIT-224R
Price: $843.00
Quantity in Basket: none
243 Bullet Making Kit 243 Bullet Making Kit
Code: KIT-243R
Price: $843.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Swaging Kit w/Press, 224 Swaging Kit w/Press, 224
Code: KIT-224S
Price: $1,742.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Complete Kit for 6mm Bullet Making Complete Kit for 6mm Bullet Making
Code: KIT-243S
Price: $1,742.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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