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Swaging Kit w/Press, 224
Swaging Kit w/Press, 224 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-224S
Price: $2,250.00
Shipping Weight: 32.00 pounds
  Optional Lead Tip die ($199)
  Tip-Closer Punch for LT-1-S die ($100)
  Optional Rebated Boattail set ($498)
  Optional spool .185 lead wire ($55)
  Optional Core Cutter .185 ($89.00)
  Delete Core Mold (CM-4a) (-$249.00)
  Optional J-22- core seat punch ($50)
  Extra FPH-1-S Punch Holder ($59)
Optional Note:
This is a complete package consisting of the following items:

  1. CSP-1 S-Press
  2. FJFB-3-S 224 6-S bullet swaging 3-die set
  3. RFJM-22S 22 rimfire case jacket maker kit
  4. CSL-2 swage lube
  5. CM-4a .185 4-cavity core mould
  6. HB-9e Handbook of Swaging
  7. Instructions
This is everything you need to manufacture bullets in the .224 caliber (5.56 or 5.7mm, all standard 22's such as the .222, .220 Swift, .225, etc.) except lead and spent 22 cases. The weight range is adjustable from about 45 to 90 grains (with appropriate jackets). The rimfire case jackets you make with this set from fired .22 LR cases handle 45 to 60 grains, in various styles of open tip or FMJ. You can add a LT-1-S lead tip finishing die to make factory-perfect lead tips at any time.

The FJFB-3-S 224 die set in the above list consists of these dies:
  • CSW-1-S .190-diam core swage die for exact weight control
  • CS-1-S .224 core seating die (assembles core and jacket)
  • PF-1-S .224 6-S ogive point forming die (forms the nose or ogive curve)

If you have been looking for a quick, easy way to get a complete package, here it is. This same package could be modified for other calibers, except the caliber specific items such as the RFJM-22S jacket maker would need to be replaced with other methods of jackets more suitable to the caliber selected.

For faster operation, without melting scrap lead, you can add the LW-10 lead wire and PCS-1 core cutter listed elsewhere on this store. The shipping weight is greater because of the lead.

Please note: you can order a similar package in any caliber from .142 to .458 with the exception of the jacket maker, just by selecting these items individually:
  • CSP-1 Press
  • FJFB-3-S die set (specify caliber and ogive shape)
  • CSL-2 swage lube
  • LW-10 lead wire (0r CM-4a core mold)
  • PCS-1 core cutter (for wire .365 cal or smaller)
  • PCS-2 core cutter (for wire .390 or larger)
  • Appropriate bullet jackets or jacket making die set.
(The price will vary depending on the particular caliber and quantity supplies you wish to get with it, of course).

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