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Jacket Stripper Automatic Actuator
Jacket Stripper Automatic Actuator Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SK-A-H
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Stripper actuator This is an electric solenoid operated actuator for the JSP-H jacket stripper plate. It plugs into the accessory socket at the rear top panel of the CHP-1 Hydro Press**, and moves the stripper plate automatically into position on each jacket draw, then moves it out of the way for the next jacket, so that the operator does not have to think about it.

The solenoid runs on 110-115v from the internal power system of the press, and is independent of the line voltage, so that even the 205 to 240v export models still can use the same actuator without change. On higher voltage models, an internal transformer provides the correct voltages for all the panel lights, controls, relays and accessories.

The SK-A-H mounts on top of the press head and connects to the standard stripper plates, which in turn are supported on one side by a stripper plate support pin (provided) in the press head. The other side of the plate is secured to the moving actuator arm by a screw.

Without the actuator, two support pins are dropped into the holes in the press head, and the stripper plate rests on and is guided by these pins, as it is manually moved back and forth to catch and strip jackets from the punch. But with the automatic actuator, only one pin is needed, and it is provided with the actuator. The hole for the pin which is no longer required is used as the mounting hole for the actuator bracket.

stripper stripper
The system is only used for deep draw JRD-2-H draw dies for reducing jacket diameters and drawing cups, but for that it saves time and reduces the chance of operator error.

Stripper actuator
** NOTE: The Hydro Press models built prior to July, 2011, used the twist-loc socket for a different purpose, to provide an external shut-down for the press by connecting to a normally-closed switch (or a shunt plug) on a strip feeder. Since design changes made this use unnecessary, the socket was re-purposed and re-wired in later models to provide 110 volts when the press goes into the "down" stroke, thus powering the stripper solenoid for the stripping movement of the punch (down) and moving the stripper so it catches the mouth of the jacket which was just drawn. A simple schematic wiring diagram is available for owners of early model CHP-1 presses, to enable a qualified electrician to rewire the socket if desired.

power plug power plug
Note that while plugging the stripper actuator into the socket of an older press does not hurt anything, it also won't provide the necessary switched connection to enable the press operation. If your press has a removable black plug with a shunt wired across the contacts (a "short" if you measure resistance across the plug prongs) then the socket needs to be rewired to run the actuator. But if your press runs normally without a shunt plug in the twist prong socket, then it is already wired to provide power -- do NOT plug a shunt or the older style strip feed shut-down cable into it! That should blow the 5 amp fuse but it might also damage relay contacts, since it puts full power directly across a short or closed switch! It is very unlikely you would have either the shunt plug or the early style strip feeder if you also have one of the later presses -- but be careful. It is fine to plug in the solenoid actuator regardless.

But if the actuator does not snap into position on the down stroke, or if the press does not operate (motor will run, but controls may be inoperative) then the socket is wired for the older purpose and must be re-wired. If the actuator works fine, and the press runs normally with the actuator plugged in, then be sure never to plug in a shunt or auto shutdown cable from the strip feeder in the same socket!

Stripper actuator Stripper actuator

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