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Reducing Die Holder, -H (with snap ring)
Reducing Die Holder, -H (with snap ring) Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JRD-2-HH
Price: $84.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Optional Note:
Die holder body This is the threaded body or adapter with 1.5 x 12 outside thread, and a cylindrical inside hole to retain a non-threaded hardened die insert. A large diameter snap ring keeps the die from falling out from the bottom of the adapter.

This kind of die body is used on the JRD-2-H jacket drawing die. It allows the die itself to be have a smooth outside diameter, and to stack in different diameter sections if needed for a specific design, such as a separate nest die and reducing die.

The die body is offered as a replacement in case of loss or damage. It would have no purpose other than as a repair part. It is not cost effective or convenient to purchase one body with several different calibers of die inserts, for instance. Die inserts are typically custom designed for an application, and are sold as a complete assembly with the holder, punch, and stripper plate. To test the die inserts it is necessary to assemble them into a die holder. The time and labor cost for assembly and then disassembly after testing means it is actually lower cost to purchase the finished, tested and complete die than to buy one holder with various die inserts, punches and stripper plates. The snap ring retainer is designed to allow easy repair, but not constant changing of inserts.

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