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Lead tip forming die, type -H
Lead tip forming die, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LT-1-H
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
Select Ogive (nose) Shape:
Truncated Cone (TC)
1/2-E Blunt RN
3/4-E Pistol RN
1-E Rifle RN
1-E standard flat tip (50% of caliber)
Luger 9mm shape
2-S Short Spitzer
4-S Short Spitzer
6-S Standard Rifle
8-S Spitzer
10-S Spitzer
12-S spitzer
Ultra Low Drag Secant
Custom Shape (+ $240)
Enter custom ogive specs:
Optional Note:
  Add internal LT "tip closer" punch (+$144)
  Remove internal LT finishing punch (-$70)
LT-1-H lead tip forming die is used to either reshape lead tip bullets, following the use of the point forming die, or to help push the tip of an open-tip bullet closer together for a smaller tip.

To use the die for making smaller tips on jacketed bullets a special hardened internal punch designed to apply more pressure at the edge of the jacket is used. This makes the die a LT-1-HC style. Or, you can add the tip-closing punch in a specific shape (normally a spitzer or secant ogive, because the round nose styles are not "small tip" styles). To use this for a tip closing die in the more pointed styles, such as 2-S, 4-S, 6-S, and so forth, check the "Tip-closing" option. Bear in mind that this does not always completely close the tip, but only pushes it closer together to the limits allowed by the jacket hardness and thickness.

The jacket tip closing punch in a standard ogive shape is not the same cavity geometry as a conventional lead tip finishing punch. It is designed to vector force to the open the jacket first, pushing the jacket in toward the centerline. A lead tip finishing punch is designed to smoothly push the exposed lead back, parallel to the center line, so that the ogive curve flows smoothly from jacket to tip. This would not close the tip any smaller because it would try to move the entire portion of the curve in contact with the tip punch cavity straight back, leaving a step in the ogive.

The jacket tip closing punch is also hardened and made of a different alloy than the conventional lead tip punch, a process which requires ceramic coating, heating in a digital control furnace, quenching, removing the protective ceramic, tempering and polishing the punch before testing and packaging. The amount of work is double that of making a conventional lead tip punch, which is reflected in the cost of the punch. The reason for making the punch from different, hardened material is to reduce potential wear and provide years of additional punch life by increasing resistance to abrasion caused by the concentrated area of force plus the potential of airborne abrasive dust being concentrated at the tip of the cavity after long use.

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