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Lead Tip Flat Base 4-die set, type -H
Lead Tip Flat Base 4-die set, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LTFB-4-H
Price: $1,288.00
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Select base shape (if applicable):
Not applicable
Flat base
Dish base (shallow concave)
Cup base (paper patch)
Hollow base (typically for pellet, Minie-ball, airgun slug)
Rebated Boatail
Base Guard
Heel Base (enter specs) +$84
Custom Base (enter specs) +$84
Enter custom base specs:
Select Ogive (nose) Shape:
Truncated Cone (TC)
1/2-E Blunt RN
3/4-E Pistol RN
1-E Rifle RN
1-E standard flat tip (50% of caliber)
Luger 9mm shape
2-S Short Spitzer
4-S Short Spitzer
6-S Standard Rifle
8-S Spitzer
10-S Spitzer
12-S spitzer
Ultra Low Drag Secant
Custom Shape (+ $240)
Enter custom ogive specs:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
  Add Lead Tip Hollow Point CS Ext. Punch (LT-HP) (+$70)
  Add Open Tip Hollow Point CS Ext, Punch (OT-HP) (+$70)
  Add Lead tip CS Ext. Punch (LT) (+$70)
  Remove std. Open Tip CS Ext. Punch (OT) (-$70)
  Add internal LT "tip closer" punch (+$144)
  Remove internal LT finishing punch (-$70)
Optional Note:
LTFB-4-H lead tip or open tip, flat base 4-die set. Make lead tip spitzer or round nose bullets. Dies included in the set are:
  • CSW-1-H core swage
  • CS-1-H core seater
  • PF-1-H point former
  • LT-1-H lead tip finisher
This is essentially a FJFB-3-H 3-die set plus a LT-1-H lead tip finishing die. Please note that the set makes both open tip and lead tip bullets with the same OT core seat punch, the only difference being how close the core comes to the end of the jacket. Longer cores seated near the jacket mouth extrude a little lead during point forming. This is then reshaped by the LT-1-H die into a nice lead tip. If you want larger lead tips, add the optional LT or LT-HP core seat punch.

  • Open tip = core is shorter than the jacket, so bullet has little or no exposed lead when ogive is formed.
  • Lead tip = core is longer than the jacket, so bullet has exposed lead tip when ogive is formed.
  • Open tip Hollow Point = core is shorter than jacket, and the external seating punch has a conical projection poking a hole in the core.
  • Lead tip hollow Point = core is longer than jacket, and the externl seating punch has a conical projection poking a hole in the core.
Note that when people say "hollow point" they sometimes confuse this with "open tip". The "open tip" is the default style, the one you get if you don't specify other kinds of punches. The "open tip" seating punch MUST be a very snug fit into the bullet jacket, often too large to fit by hand pressure alone. The diameter depends on the jacket wall thickness at the point where the core wil be seated. That is, a tapered jacket wall gets thicker toward the jacket base, so a short or light core will require a smaller diameter open tip punch compared to a longer, heavier core. Jacket samples or specific dimensions would be rquired for jackets other than those provided by Corbin (we know our own jacket wall thickness).

IF you order without any special note to tell us otherewise, we will assume that your standard, open tip punch fits our jacket and your core weight will be such that the core is seated relatively close to the open jacket end. If you then try to make a much lighter bullet, with a shorter core, the open tip seating punch provided will be too large for seating at that depth in some jackets (those with much of a taper to the wall). You can order additional core seating external punches to fit if you send us a sample jacket and the weight of core you plan to use (or if you are using our jackets, just tell us the weight or the length of the core you plan to use),

Please note that a LT punch, or a LT-HP punch, does not fit into the jacket ID. It is sized to fit into the die bore. Therefore, the jacket you use with a LT punch or LT-HP punch does not matter to the punch diameter. Only the OT or the OT-HP punches fit into the jacket ID, and must be properly sized for the jacket wall thickness.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
Note: 3.5% Bank Card Processing Fee added by Card Processing Service. VCC Number is required for security: send by email with order number.
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