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224 Bullet Swage Kit
224 Bullet Swage Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-224R
Price: $1,169.00
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
Sorry, we are out of '224 Bullet Swage Kit'.
  Optional Lead Tip die ($229)
  Optional Core Swage die ($229)
  Send LW-10 .185 lead wire, core cutter instead of a CM-4a core mold. (-$105))
Optional Note:
  Add core seat punch for J-22-705/800 jackets ($75)
  Add J-22-705 pk/500 jackets ($59)
  Add J-22-800 pk/500 jackets ($59)
The kit to make .224 bullets from fired .22 LR cases and scrap lead gives you the ability to make any of the common centerfire .22 bullets from free components.

Rimfire Case 224 Bullets The same 22LR cases you leave on the ground can now be turned into high quality 50-60 grain bullets. They are as accurate as any commercial bullet, produce less barrel wear due to their lower friction (half the thickness, up to six times the zinc content compared to commercial bullets), and extremely explosive on impact even at modest speeds.

The drawback is in the thin jacket: it does not make a good edible game bullet (great for varmints or target shooting), and it does not work well over 3100 fps. But even at 2500 fps, the bullets explode like a commercial bullet going close to 4000 fps!

All you need to use the kit is your standard reloading press with 7/8-14 threaded head, and T-slotted ram. You can use scrap lead, melted and cast into cores of adjustable weight with the 4-cavity core mold included.

Instead of using cast cores, you can purchase LW-10 lead wire in .185 diameter, and a PCS-1 core cutter, adding the ability to speed up production. You can substitute lead wire and a core cutter for the core mold with a savings as indicated (a -$ amount means that is a reduction in the total price of the kit). The correct wire or mold size is .185 inches (to fit easily into the jackets even if you add commercially drawn jackets at some point). The optional core swage die uses .185 wire and produces a .190 diameter lead core.

The die set makes flat base, open tip bullets. It can also make full metal jacket or lead tip bullets. Optional lead tip finishing die helps you produce a professional looking lead tip. Optional core swage die helps you adjust the cut or cast lead core weight precisely.

The kit includes:
  • RFJM-22R Rimfire Jacket Maker Die
  • CSL-2 Swage Lube
  • CS-1-R Core Seating Die
  • PF-1-R Point Forming Die
  • CM-4 .185 Core Mold, 4-cavity adj.wt.
  • HB-9E Handbook of Swaging on CD-ROM

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