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Core Mould, 4-cavity adj. wt.
Core Mould, 4-cavity adj. wt. Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CM-4a
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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CM-4a core moulds turn scrap lead into proper diameter cores. You can mix alloys (within the pressure limits of your dies) and use scrap lead by melting and pouring. A ladle and open top pot is generally prefered over a bottom-pour pot, although the bottom-pour pot can be mounted solidly on risers to allow the mould to pass under it for filling.

The 4-cavity mould makes for cores with each cast. Pour, move the sprue cutter to cut the connected sprue, lift the bar at the bottom of the mould to raise the cores out of the cylinders, and brush them off into a box. Then close the top, put the sprue back into the pot, and pour again.

Since the mould mounts to your bench, only one hand is needed to operate the mould, and no handle is required. Heat-resistant gloves are necessary (as well as face protection, as always, when handling molten lead). For use only in well ventilated spaces, away from the possibility of water being introduced into the pot (such as rain, water used to cool any tools, etc.) which can cause a steam "explosion", driving molten lead out of the pot.

We recommend lead wire for safety and speed, but offer the CM-4a to use allow the use of scrap lead or mixed alloys of your own choosing. Alloys with high tin content should be avoided. The tin/lead alloys tend to solder to the steel mould cores and pistons. Antimony/lead alloys are preferred. Only clean lead should be used. Road dust and grit can scratch the ID of the moulds and cause stuck pistons.

The mould is adjustable for core weight. A rest plate supports the pistons, and is in turn supported by two adjustable nuts on threaded rods. The position of the nuts will determine the length of cores, which determines their weight with a given lead density.

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