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Hand Cannelure Tool
Hand Cannelure Tool Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: HCT-1
Price: $260.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
  Extra embossing wheel (HCT-1W) * 1 (+$54)
  Lead bullet grooving wheel (HCT-3W) * 2 (+$54)
  V-way Roller/Axle kit for HCT-1, HCT-3 (+$54)
HCT-1 Hand Cannelure Tool puts factory-perfect serrated cannelure grooves around jacketed bullets or straight wall, rimless cartridges such as the 9mm and 45ACP. It can also be used for hard lead bullets, but the HCT-2 or HCT-3 tools are recommended for knurling or grooving soft lead bullets.

The tool handles bullets from 0.172 to 0.720 diameter in two range settings. The depth of cannelure and position on the bullet or case can be set precisely.

The optional HCT-1KIT consists of replacement smooth rollers (2) and axles with retainers. It is generally not required except for repairing worn or damaged tools.

The optional HCT-1W and HCT-3W wheels are spares, or to convert the HCT-1 to the HCT-3 (lead bullet grooving tool). They too are generally not required as the wheels last a long time in normal use.

Bullets are placed on a roller V-way, and the upper half of the tool swings down to press a hardened embossing wheel against the bullet. A 0.050-inch standard width groove is quickly rolled into the bullet as you press down on a large padded handle and turn a crank two or three full turns. Then open the handle, remove the bullet, and place another on the V-way. You can process at least four bullets per minutes.

A particularly useful feature is application of a cannelure in a better location on factory bullets, such as the .40 caliber (10mm) as used in a .38-40 WCF.


* Note 1
The spare or optional extra embossing wheel can be mounted on the same crank shaft as the one which comes with the tool in order to roll two side-by-side .050-wide grooves. Why? Identifications, optional seating depth positions, other personal reasons having to do with childhood trauma perhaps... It can be done, some people want to do it. Some folks get a spare because they worry about wearing out the original, but that's not very likely unless you are using steel jacket bullets.

* Note 2
Optional 2-groove wheel is the one from the HCT-3 lead bullet grooving tool. You can replace the .050-wide cannelure embossing wheel with the wider .080-inch dual groove wheel for use on lead bullets (only!). This means you have the equivalent of both the HCT-1 and the HCT-3 if you don't mind changing them back and forth. I don't recommend doing this only because it's so much quicker to have both tools handy than to be changing the wheel back and forth. There is always a little wear and tear on machinery when you remove and replace parts that were designed to be left alone for years, also. I'd rather sell two tools than one, and you'd probably rather not take the time to change the parts very often, but if we disregard those issues, changing wheels works well enough and saves a little money.

* Note 3
The reason I don't generally recommend converting the HCT-1 to the HCT-2 knurling tool is that there are too many parts to change. The HCT-2 has both a diamond knurl embossing wheel the width of the tool, and two diamond knurl support rollers. So you would change three different axle-mounted rollers or wheels to convert. It really makes more sense to just get the HCT-2 in addition, and not have to switch parts every time you want to go from jacketed bullets to lead bullets. The HCT-3 lead grooving tool, on the other hand, uses just one different part so it isn't quite as time consuming to convert the HCT-1 for a dual-groove lead embossing wheel. But still, it does save a little money to change one basic tool provided you don't switch it often. Then the time and inconvenience adds up and a second tool seems like a much better idea!

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