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ProSwage Die
ProSwage Die Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PRO-1-R
Price: $399.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select Shape / Punch end (if applicable) for LSWC or CS punch:
Not applicable
Target Wadcutter
Button Nose Wadcutter
Conical SWC
Truncated cone (similar to Keith)
Keith Nose SWC
1/2-E round nose
3/4-E SWC
1-E Flat Tip SWC
Custom nose shape ($84) describe/note
Enter custom nose specs (if selected above):
  Add Hollow Point to selected shape ($84)
Select Base Shape:
Flat Base
Dish Base
Cup Base
Hollow Base
Rebated Boattail Base
Base Guard(TM) Base
Heel Base (must be at least .015 under caliber)
Custom Base +$84
Heel base diameter (if heel base selected):
Heel base length (if heel base selected):
If checked, describe custom base:
  Weight adjusting Punch ($90)
  Additional Flat Base (FB) ($90)
  Additional Dish Base (DB) ($90)
  Additional Cup Base (CB) ($90)
  Additional Hollow Base (HB) ($90)
  Additional Rebated Boattail Base (RBT) ($90)
Optional Note:
The PRO-1-R ProSwage Die fits a standard 7/8-14 thread reloading press head. The external punch fits into a standard RCBS-type slotted ram, like a shell holder.

ProSwage dies will make a vast range of weights in a given diameter. To precisely adjust the weight, add an optional "bleed punch" or "core adjusting punch", as it may be called. Cut a length of lead wire to the desired weight, plus a few grains to allow for tolerance in cutting. Then adjust the die so that with the bleed punch in place, the core is compressed fully at the top of the stroke and any surplus weight is bled off through the hole in the bleed punch.

This leaves a precise volume of lead in the die on every stroke, giving you very consistent weights. To change the volume of lead left in the die, screw the die up or down in the press threads until you get the exact weight you want. Of course, if you adjust the die too high for the rough core weight, no bleed will take place and therefore no adjustment is made to the weight: just make a little longer core, so you can adjust it downward with the bleed punch, and you will regain precise weight control.

The optional bleed punch is not required for good bullets. It just makes them a little better. You can cut or cast the rough cores to as close a weight as you wish by using more time and effort, but the bleed punch takes the work out of it.

Different nose shapes can be obtained by adding additional external nose punches. Different base shapes come from using different optional internal base punches.

disassembled to show internal punch ProSwage dies are a straight hole type of die. The nose and base shape are formed against the ends of punches, which means that the nose will always have a small shoulder where the end of the punch presses against the lead core. This style of bullet is called a "semi-wadcutter" style, regardless of the nose shape.

The shoulder is typically about .015 to .020 inches thick, depending on the caliber and required strength of the punch wall at the edge. Typical rifle paper patch bullets use a 1-E round nose, whereas typical handgun bullets would use either a 3/4-E round nose or a Keith type truncated conical nose. Other shapes, such as full wadcutters or conical noses, are also available.

The three most common base shapes ordered are the BG (Base Guard) which can be used with or without a copper fouling scraper disk attached, the standard FB (Flat Base), and the CB (Cup Base), which is most often used for paper patched bullets.

To order for paper patched bullets, first decide whether the bullet will be muzzle loaded or breech loaded. A breech loaded paper patch bullet will be a final or wrapped size that fits to the bottom of the rifling. A muzzle loaded paper patch bullet normally has to slide down the bore and is expanded by the powder going off.

The paper is wrapped around twice so that it adds its thickness four times to the diameter of the bullet. If you want the bullet to be .458 diameter, and you have .002 inch thick paper, then the bullet for a breech loader would be swaged to .450 diameter. If you have .0025 paper, then you would want a .448 diameter bullet. Do not order a .458 bullet to fit a .458 rifle if it must be paper patched!

For muzzle loaders, the bullet usually needs to slide down the bore, so determine the bore size, subtract four times the paper thickness, and then size the bullet at this or slightly larger if you want to pre-engrave the paper to some extent. Muzzle loaders sometimes use hollow base bullets, which are similar to cup base but much deeper.

You can also make hollow base .410 Shotgun slugs with a Pro-1-R die, as well as very effective, precise airgun pellets. A hollow base, straight sided pellet with a 3/4-E ogive or a Keith nose makes a great target and small game/varmint airgun projectile.

ProSwage dies, like most Corbin dies, are made to order.

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