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Point Forming Die, type -R
Point Forming Die, type -R Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PF-1-R
Price: $347.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Sorry, we are out of 'Point Forming Die, type -R'.
Selecct caliber:
Optional Note:
  Custom ogive or caliber (+$150) up to .452
Custom diameter (if checked) .172 to .452:
Custom ogive shape (if checked):
PF-1-R point forming die is used with a matching diameter of CS-1-R core seater, to form a stepless, smooth ogive transition into the shank. Although custom dies are offered, we recommend using -S type dies in the CSP-1 press, or -H type dies in an appropriate -H press, rather than a reloading press.

PLEASE NOTE: These dies do NOT lend themselves to long, conventional rifle ogive shapes in calibers above 6mm. Round nose or TC pistol shapes are fine, 1-E ogive for 30 carbine or similar short bullets are also fine. But there is no room in this kind of die to make a long, pointy 308, 7mm, 264, or larger caliber rifle bullet with a length much over 1 inch. Also we do NOT have boattail or rebated boattail type dies for use in a reloading press. Use the S-press and the far superior -S type dies for this kind of more advanced design.

Here are the ogive shapes that are practical to enter:
  • 1/2-E (round nose, half ball shape)
  • 3/4-E (typical pistol round nose, slightly eliptical like a 45 acp)
  • 1-E (typical longer round nose for rifles)
  • 2-S (short spitzer or tangent ogive)
  • 4-S (medium length spitzer or tangent ogive)
  • 6-S (most commonly used for 224, 6mm, but too long for -R type die in calibers over 308.
  • TC (Truncated Conical, a typical pistol style angled nose)
Please note that if you put in references to other bullets or anything but one of these ogive shapes, it will delay your order until we can get back with you and discuss the situation, since many shapes that work in a swaging press with its greater capacity and power won't be suitable for a reloading press system. In other words, don't enter "make it just like a Remchester Game Getter" or "Super long pointy hybrid shape" or any other descriptive phrase that requires interpretation and research. Just enter one of the shapes we actually can make for this sort of die, as listed above.

The standard shape for 224 or 243 caliber is a 6-S ogive flat base. You can specify either a custom shape, or a custom caliber, or both. Either one requires making a custom set of reamers and laps, and custom diameters also require making custom diameter punches and possibly different ejector sizes. Please bear in mind that some shape and caliber combinations might not work in a reloading press, so we will carefully check your order and get back to you if you have entered something that is going to give you problems or simply won't work.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
Note: 3.5% Bank Card Processing Fee added by Card Processing Service. VCC Number is required for security: send by email with order number.
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