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243 Bullet Making Kit
243 Bullet Making Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: KIT-243R
Price: $1,169.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Sorry, we are out of '243 Bullet Making Kit'.
  Optional Lead Tip die ($218)
  Optional Core Swage die ($218)
  Optional Lead Wire (LW-10) 70,000 gr. ($50)
  Optional Core Cutter (PCS-1) ($69.50)
  Delete Core Mold CM-4a (-$169)
Optional Note:
This kit makes it possible to create virtually free 6mm (.243) rifle bullets using scrap lead and fired .22 LR cases. The dies work in your standard 7/8-14 reloading press, which accepts standard RCBS type button shell holders.

The kit includes:
  1. RFJM-6mr jacket drawing die
  2. CS-1-R 243 core seating die
  3. PF-1-R 243 point forming die
  4. CSL-2 swage lube
  5. HB-9-E Handbook on CD-ROM
  6. Written instruction sheets
  7. CM-4a .185 core mold*
*Note: The CM-4a core mold can be replaced with a LW-10 lead wire and PCS-1 core cutter at your option.

All you need to add is your reloading press and a way to melt and cast the scrap lead (with the mold included).

The 6mm bullets made using fired 22LR cases can weigh 60-65 grains (with lead tip). A more professional looking lead tip can be made by adding the optional LT-1-R 243 lead tip die. A more precise weight control can be added with the optional CSW-1-R core swage die. The same core swage die works for either .224 or .243 caliber bullets. It accepts a .185 diameter piece of lead wire.

The same dies can be used with commercial jackets. The diameter of the core seating punch must be fitted to the wall thickness of the jacket you use. Various commercial jackets have different wall thickness, so you may need more than one optional core seating punch. Also, most commercial jackets taper in their wall thickness, getting thicker toward the bottom of the jacket. This means that if you make a light bullet with a shorter core, the diameter of the core seating punch should be smaller. If you make a longer core for a heavier bullet, the core seating punch would need to be larger diameter, to fit closer to the jacket mouth.

Rimfire jackets are about .012 inch thick from top to bottom, so that one punch diameter fits anywhere along the length.

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