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224 x .930 jackets, pkg/500
224 x .930 jackets, pkg/500 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: J-22-930
Price: $79.00
Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds
13 available for immediate delivery
Long 224 jackets for making 70 to 95 grain bullets, in 6-S to ULD ogive shapes, or up to 105 grain bullets with round noses or more blunt ogives and lead tips.

RBT 224 LT bullets The jacket is 0.2225 inches nominal diameter (expands in the core seating operation to caliber, as do all jackets) with a length of 0.930 inches. The ID accepts a 0.090 diameter core at the bottom, and just barely accepts a .200 core at the mouth. The proper seating punch for heavy weights where the core is close to the jacket mouth (seats flush with or within about 0.120 inches below the mouth) is 0.2015 inches, same as the punch used for the J-22-800 and J-22-705 jackets. This is convenient as you can use the same punch for heavier, or lead tipped, bullets in this jacket.

To seat a shorter core, where the jacket tapers to a smaller ID (about 0.25 inches deep from the mouth), you will want to use a smaller seating punch. A punch of from 0.198 to 0.200 will fit and seal pressure for medium and lighter cores, such as might be used for the 75-80 grain weights. You can also use this jacket to make any lighter weight, such as 50, 60, 70, or 75 grains by placing a 3/16 inch diameter "bullet ball" (sold by Corbin in packs of 1000 as BB-3/16) in the jacket, and then placing the short core on top. This moves the lead forward, shifts the center of gravity toward the nose and makes it practical to have accurate bullets with long jackets and light weights in normal twist barrels.

The standard open tip style bullet (some empty space in the ogive area) will weigh about 75 grains but of course can be varied by just how much open space is allowed, and what ogive shape is used. The more pointed the nose, the less weight it holds (lower volume in a pointy nose compared to a rounder one). So for maximum weight for subsonic bullets, use a 1-E or 3/4-E round nose ogive shape and seat lead right to the end of the jacket, so it forms a lead tip. Bear in mind that a 90-105 grain .224 diameter bullet will require a fast rifling twist to be stable in flight.

The J-22-930 jacket should normally have lead core supporting the ogive for most if not all of the ogive length, to prevent folds and wrinkles in the jacket. If you need a lighter weight, and find that either your core seat punch is now too large to fit that far down in the jacket, or the core simply isn't supporting enough of the ogive to prevent wrinkling when you form the point, try putting one, or two, 3/16-diameter green coded polymer bullet balls into the jacket first. They swage to fill the space under the short core, but move the lead core forward so you are seating in the right section or ID for the standard punch, and also supporting the ogive much better. A side benefit is that the stability of the bullet will be improved from the center of gravity moving somewhat forward, and thus not requiring as fast a spin rate to be stable.

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