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Jacket Stripper Plate, -H
Jacket Stripper Plate, -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JSP-H
Price: $30.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Starting Diameter:
Final Diameter:
Wall Thickness:
Special notes (optional):
This is a stripper plate for the JRD-2-H jacket draw die. It has a key-hole shaped slot and fits over the top of the draw die. The jacket passes up through the larger end of the hole, then the plate is moved so that the narrow end is under the jacket mouth, at the top of the stroke.

On the down stroke, the jacket mouth contacts this hardened plate and is stopped, while the punch continues down. This removes the jacket cleanly from the punch. The stripper plate can be operated by hand, or it can be run automatically by the Corbin automatic jacket stripper kit on the CHP-1 Hydro Press (optional accessory).

The stripper plates are supported by two stripper pins, which slip into holes in the top of the CSP-2 Mega Mite press, or the top of the CHP-1 Hydro Press. The stripper pins work with all sizes of stripper plates, so only one set is needed regardless of the number of draw dies in use.

There are two necessary dimensions to make this plate. One is the jacket wall thickness (marked on the drawing punch). The other is the caliber or OD of the drawn jacket. It doesn't hurt to have the original size but it doesn't really affect the dimensions of the stripper plate. The keyhole slot has to just clear the punch OD on the down stroke, so it strips off the jacket. The big end of the keyhole has to easily clear the OD of the drawn jacket. If we have the jacket wall thickness, we can size the slot just right for the punch by subtracting it x 2 from the jacket OD. Or if we have the punch OD, and jacket OD, we can also make the slot and clearance hole work properly with that jacket.

The pins are sold separately. A pair of pins is needed for a stripper plate, one for each end. The pins fit through slots on both ends of the plate, allowing it to be easily moved a short distances for clearing the jacket and then pulling it off the punch.

See JSP-P listing for pins.

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