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Jacket Reducing Die Set, Deep Draw
Jacket Reducing Die Set, Deep Draw Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JRD-2-H
Price: $775.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Starting Diameter:
Final Diameter:
Wall Thickness:
Special notes (optional):
JRD-2-H commercial jacket reducing die is designed with a pre-alignment guide or "nest" section, and a punch which screws into a 5/8-24 threaded adapter, which in turn fits the 1-inch x 12 threaded press ram. The punch is made from specially hardened alloy steel to withstand pressures high enough to thin the jacket walls during the reduction.

The JRD-2-H design provides a higher level of wall concentricity than the JRD-1-H draw die, and is preferred for heavy duty drawing in commercial operations. It is required when the jacket wall needs to be reduced in thickness, as well as making the diameter smaller. A jacket stripper plate is also provided, which can be manually used or attached to an automatic jacket stripper device for use on the Hydro Press. The plate slides a key-hole opening over the emerging jacket, then slides a precise narrow section of the hole under the jacket with the punch extending the jacket mouth above the die top (top of stroke). On the down stroke, the plate strips the jacket off the punch. The JSP-H stripper plate is made specifically for the diameter of jacket after drawing, and for the wall thickness of the jacket.

Samples jackets are required for drawing, in order to design the proper punch diameter and tip curvature, nest dimensions and bore diameter.

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