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Jacket Maker, Auto Strip Feed
Jacket Maker, Auto Strip Feed Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JMK-2-H
Price: $5,950.00
Shipping Weight: 50.00 pounds
Wall at base:
Wall at tip:
Special notes (optional):
JMK-2-H auto-feed jacket making set uses the CSU-1 Corbin Strip Uncoiler and a CHP-1 Hydro Press, to combine the steps of automatically feeding copper strip, applying lubricant, blanking a disk from the strip, and turning the disk into a first-stage cup.

The cup is fed into a container, and is later redrawn from two to four times with a final trim stage. These stages are the same as with the JMK-1-H manual feed system (same dies and punches). The main difference is in the combination of feeding, lube, blanking and cupping, so that the copper strip is turned into first stage cups without user interaction.


The JMK-2-H is designed for making handgun and rifle jackets that can be drawn from a specific strip width per set, either .030 or .050 inch thickness, width of 5/8, 1.0 or 1.25 inches.

Strip thicker than 0.050 inches will not decoil and feed automatically, and cannot be used with the JMK-2-H. If you plan to make a jacket requiring strip heavier than .050-inch thickness, order the JMK-1-H die set instead.
    Examples of jackets that would require 1.4 x .093 strip:
  • 50 BMG jackets and similar sizes.
  • Jackets with wall thickness over 0.035 inches and length of an inch.
  • Jackets with more than 0.0565 cubic inches volume.
It is possible to feed straight lengths of .093-thick strip by hand, helping the feeder/lubricator mechanism, by slowing down the press with the hydraulic speed control to allow time to push the thick strip by hand, but it is more economical to use the JMK-1-H with strip too heavy to uncoil automatically. Bear in mind that strip thicker than .050 inches is almost like a solid bar rather than flexible strip. It requires more force to remove from the coils than is practical for the automatic system, and there is no economical work-around.

Examples of calibers that are easily drawn with the auto strip feed jacket maker include:
  • .17, .20, .22 using 5/8-wide x .030 strip
  • All handgun calibers using .030 x 1 inch strip
  • .257, .264, .277, .284 and .308 with .030 x 1 or .030 x 1.25 strip.
  • Calibers larger than .308 but under .408 with .030 x 1.25 or .050 x 1.25 strip.
  • Calibers over .408 but meeting volume limit using .050 x 1.25 inch strip.
This is a very rough guide, because the wall thickness and length also figure into the total volume needed for a jacket, and the strip width and thickness determines the maximum possible volume of disk that can be punched to draw the jacket. However, once you have the jacket maker set for the largest, longest and thickest (most volume) jacket, you can re-draw those jackets to make smaller calibers with the same or thinner walls, and greater length. A JRD-2-H draw die and an ET-2-H trim die per additional caliber multiplies the number of jackets you can make.

The JMK-2-H requires a dedicated CHP-1 press, and will only work effectively with a strip uncoiler such as the CSU-1 (although sections of strip can be hand fed, this defeats the purpose of most of the automatic feeding head components.

The set includes components to convert the head assembly of a CHP-1 for auto feed. Instructions are included for removal of the standard head assembly and replacement with the special automatic feed head unit. Generally, it is better to own two Hydro Presses, one purchased with the JMK-2-H and factory assembled with the automatic head components, and a second one set up for redrawing the cups.

However, one can remove and install the head assemblies in about an hour. After gaining some experience with this, the change-over time can be reduced to perhaps 30-45 minutes. It is not a recommended option, but it is possible. If one cannot afford to dedicate a press to the blanking/cupping operation and use another press to finish drawing and trimming, then it might be better to get the JMK-1-H which can be used with one press for all operations.

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