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Copper strip, .030 x 5/8-in, 50-lbs
Copper strip, .030 x 5/8-in, 50-lbs Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CU30-625
Price: $795.00
Shipping Weight: 60.00 pounds
For making .224 and similar sized bullets (5mm, .204, etc.) it makes sense to start with an appropriate width of strip so that too much metal is not simply trimmed off, as it would be if you started with 1-inch strip. The 5/8-inch wide (.625) strip comes much closer to providing the right volume of metal, in a .030-thick material, for making .22 and similar sizes.

The jacket maker kits are designed to fit a specific width of strip. The automatic feed head advances the same amount of linear inches as the width on each stroke, to allow punching out a disk (round, so takes same width and length of strip to make each one). Therefore, while it may be possible to change thickness of strip in the same basic jacket maker by changing punch diameters, changing the width also means changing all the parts that control feeding the strip by a specific amount on each stroke. It is usually better to get a jacket maker kit designed for the caliber and strip size, rather than attempting to modify a set designed for wider or thicker strip in a larger caliber.

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