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Copper Strip, 5-lb,
Copper Strip, 5-lb, Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CU-5
Price: $85.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Select strip dimensions:
1-in wide x .030 thick
5/8-in wide x .030 thick
1-1/4 in wide x .030 thick
1-1/4 in wide x .050 thick
1.4-in wide x .093 thick
CU-5 Copper Strip is available in a 5-pound bundle, of aprox. 22-in long strips. The default size is 1-inch wide by .030-inches thick. This is ideal for making bullets from .45 pistol (about .7 inch maximum length) and smaller, including .308, 7mm, 6.5mm, and 257 calibers. For smaller calibers, select the 5/8 x .030 strip (6mm, 224, 204, 172, and 142 calibers).

Please note that .030 thick strip is the maximum you can reasonably draw using a hand press. For .050 and thicker strip, use the CHP-1 Hydro Press. The maximum width for use in the CSP-1 hand press is 1.0 inches. Other widths and thicknesses are for use in the Mega Mite or CHP-1 Hydro Press.

CU-5 is also commonly purchased for use in Corbin BGK-1 Base Guard Kits, to make the copper disk which fastens to the base of a bullet and scrapes fouling from the bore on each shot, eliminating the need for lubrication grooves.

The total length of strip in the 1 x .030 size is 42.5 feet. The number of parts that can be made from this strip quantity depends on the diameter of initial disk cut from the strip. For example, a full width disk of nearly 0.9 inches is used to make .45 caliber cups. Leaving a 0.1 inch web between disks, five pounds would make about 510 jackets. Making a .45 or smaller Base Guard disk from the same amount of strip would give you over 1020 parts.

The strip is edge finished and polished, so it will pass easily through a slot for coining and cupping operations. The strip is annealed and polished, and free of nicks and scratches that would affect the quality of deep drawn parts.

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