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SK-A-H Replacement Solenoid, Auto Stripper
  Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SK-SOL
Price: $49.50
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
This is the replacement solenoid activator (coil and armature) for the automatic stripper kit (SK-A-H) for the Hydro Press. Replacement is seldom required, but can be done separately from the entire unit. This is ONLY the solenoid. It will need to be reconnected to the existing power cable and mounted in the housing. Or you can send the entire stripper kit to Corbin for in-house repair, with additional labor cost and return shipping but with the assurance that the new solenoid is properly connected and mounted.

To remove a stuck jacket from a drawing punch, see if the jacket and punch will easily draw back down through the stripper plate. Do not try to force the jacket, punch or plate. If the jacket mouth rests on the small slot portion of the stripper plate, sending ram DOWN should cause the jacket mouth to stop against the plate, pushing it off the punch as usual. If the jacket end has broken as the jacket was drawn, and the end of the jacket will not go up through the LARGE, key-hole end of stripper plate, do NOT force it up! Stop all operations, turn off the power, and unscrew the bolt that holds the stripper plate to the solenoid armature.

See if the stripper plate can be easily (gently) moved or rotated to disengage the solenoid armature, with the bolt removed. The stripper plate rests on top of the draw die, and is guided by a support pin at the far end. It may be possible to easily remove the support pin, so that the plate can be rotated out of contact with the solenoid armature and the U-shaped clevis on the end of the armature. The idea is to try to get the die, punch, broken jacket, and stripper plate completely out of contact with teh solenoid, so that no matter what the operator may do, there is no way to pry up or down on the armature with the full power of the press, or with a mallet, pry bar, etc., which should never be required.

Once the jacket, punch and die and possibly the stripper plate have all be moved or rotated so that the solenoid is safely disconnected and out of their path, then attempts to use the press to pull the jacket and punch down, through the stripper plate, can have no effect or damage to the solenoid. The best way to remove a stuck jacket from a draw punch is to remove the punch from the press, rest the jacket on a solid metal surface (such as an anvil or the support top on a vise), and tap on the jacket with a small metal hammer while rotating the punch slowly. If you rotate the punch and jacket, while tapping on the top side of the jacket with the bottom side resting on a solid support, the jacket will be loosened and will eventually slip off easily. It may take two or three revolutions with constant tapping to do this. At no point should the punch itself rest on the support. Only the jacket should be tapped and should rest on the support.

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