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Helical Fin Shotgun Slug Die Set, -H
Helical Fin Shotgun Slug Die Set, -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: SGS-3-H
Price: $2,820.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
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.410 size
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This set of dies and special punches creates an amazing long range, payload capable shotgun slug that spins from muzzle gas impinging on six helical airfoils or fins, and then maintains that spin as it flys through the air.

It is ONLY for use in the CHP-1 Hydro Press and will not work in any hand operated press. However, a special version can be made for the CSP-2 hand press in .410 size or smaller.

Setup for one of three ops in Hydro Press Used for military and law enforcement applications with various payloads such as marker dyes, CN "tear gas" powder, pyrotechnics, high explosive filler, or incendiary material with a contact initiator, the long range slugs have been provided to special ops since the days of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. These lead slugs could be fired from muzzle loaders like mini mortars, to ignite flexible diesel storage bladders a hundred yards or more away, and wage a war of attrition and supply line disruption.

For today's custom bullet maker, the slugs are normally used without a payload, as a fantastic hunting slug. The hollow egg-shaped body and large airfoil area contrasts sharply to the usual "decorative straight line rifled slug" pattern, which is mostly just to allow the slug to pass through a choked barrel with less resistance and contribute little or nothing to actual spin.

A 20 gauge sized slug can be fired in a 12 gauge poly shot wad, acting like a sabot. The slugs can be made in any diameter, although typically the 10 ga, 12 ga, and 20 ga. are the most commonly ordered. There is some demand also for .410 and 16 gauge, but the payload capacity of .410 is miniscule (a more simple design with less fins works more easily in the small diameter).

12 ga and 410 slugs The set consists of a core swage die to preform a hollow end slug without fins, a core seating die to refine the cavity and create the fins, and a point forming die with special ejecting punch to maintain the fin shape while rolling the open hollow body into the rounded "bomb" or "egg" shape with the hollow point. The hollow tip opening can be sized to accept a primer, penetrator, or a seal for special purpose military or law enforcement applications, or to carry something as simple as surplus copier powder (toner) as an effective marker to highlight long range hits with a black mark on a target and a puff of black "smoke" on impact.

Law enforcement uses include delivery of tear gas through "armored" drug dealer cars to stop an escape, and attachment of radioisotope marker materials from a distance on moving vehicles or freight containers. The imagination is the only limit to various special uses of this unique projectile (that and legal considerations, of course: only licensed dealers of destructive devices, military suppliers, etc., should consider the more exotic designs after consultation with the BATF).

The basic design itself, without carrying payloads, is a huge advance over the usual Foster type slug in accuracy and range, when properly loaded. Other designs which use about .44 caliber main body with fins extending to the 12 gauge size and no hollow cavity can also be made, with the helical fin shape.

The various slugs illustrated include this design, as well as many others which can be made using various Corbin swage dies. A Delta Wing version with no payload capacity that catches the muzzle blast gas for rapid spin, integrated wad capable slugs, and slugs made of compressed shot which fragment on impact are just a few of the unusual configurations possible. Contact Corbin for details.
assorted special slugs comparison of slug shapes possible with Corbin tooling 12 gauge and .410 slugs compared

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