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Jacket Maker Die Insert
Jacket Maker Die Insert Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: RFJM-D
Price: $49.00
Shipping Weight: 0.05 pounds
Optional Note:
Select caliber/purpose of insert:
Convert 22 LR to a 224 jacket
Convert 22 WMR case to 6mm jacket
The RFJM-D die insert is a hard ring die insert for older style jacket maker dies which were assembled from four separate pieces (the die body, the retainer bushing, a spacer bushing, and the die insert). Current production uses a single tool steel piece to replace all of these parts, and does not use a separate die insert.

This part is only used in the earlier production RFJM-22 dies and RFJM-6mm dies (same die, just different punch). It is not required or used in the current production. Note that if you order the 22LR-224 insert, it is the same die as used for making 6mm out of 22 LR cases (only the head of the case is drawn out, with a stepped punch that flares the case mouth so it can be expanded to .243 later in core seating - the same .219 head diameter is drawn in both instances with the same die, just a different punch. This is NOT the same setup as used for 22 Magnum (WMR) rimfire cases to 6mm! Do not confuse the two sets as they are completely different sizes.

If you have an early style 22 Mag to 6mm draw die that uses an insert ring similar to the .22 LR to 224 draw, you can change the selection above to the 22 Mag option. It is a different diameter and will not work with the .22 LR punch or with .22 LR cases, so be sure you really have a .22 Mag to 6mm draw die. All of the ones we have built for several decades use a solid die body rather than a drop in insert, so yours would have to be a very early version to use a drop-in ring die.

You cannot use the 22 LR die and punch with 22 WMR cases. Doing so will likely break the die or bend the punch, if you push hard enough. And if you don't, it will just stick and jam the larger diameter thicker walled 22 WMR case in the smaller 22 LR die. Folks sometimes don't realize that a .22 LR is sized the same as the bullet, which has a reduced heel on the base to fit inside the case, whereas the .22 WMR has a full sized .224 bullet that fits inside the case, which of course has a larger outside diameter than the bullet (by twice the wall thickness of the case). Therefore the .22 WMR uses a larger diameter case than a .22 LR. Firing .22 LR cases in a .22 Magnum chamber can result in split cases, gas leakage, bad accuracy, and may be unreliable in firing because the case is usually tougher and thicker, so that the firing pin needs more striking force than some of the .22 LR firearms produce. It's not the same as enterchanging .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle ammo!

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