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RF Jacket Maker, -S, 243
RF Jacket Maker, -S, 243 Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: RFJM-6MS
Price: $239.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
RFJM-6MS is the die that turns .22 LR cases into 6mm jackets (actually into preforms that are finished into the final jacket shape during core seating).

This die screws into the S-press ram. It is used with a two-diameter punch, which flares the jacket mouth so it will seal pressure when inserted into a .243 caliber core seating die. This allows the pressure to expand the jacket from the .219 size up to .243 when the lead core is seated. The jacket is NOT pushed through the die, but is only pushed far enough in to unfold and iron the head back into a smooth cylinder. Then the jacket is ejected automatically when the press ram is lowered, with the internal punch (ejection punch). The external punch screws into the top of the press, in the FPH-1-S floating punch holder. The normal hex-bushing is unscrewed from the punch holder, and the threaded top or external punch is screwed directly into the punch holder instead. Then the punch holder is used to set the proper position to flare the mouth at the end of the stroke.
6mm Rimfire Case Jacketmaker 22 LR cases made into 6mm jacket preforms

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