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Int PF ejector punch (sync)
Int PF ejector punch (sync) Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-SP
Price: $84.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
HP opening diameter (in.) (B):
HP inside bottom diameter (in.) (T):
HP depth (between above diameters) (L):
  Select if you want a flat tip only, no HP (ignore above blanks)
Enter punch diameter (such as .093-in):
Enter sync length 1 written on the die:
Enter sync length 2 written on the die if present:
Optional Note:

This is the INTERNAL punch for an airgun slug point form die, or any similar kind of punch that must be precisely synchronized to the die cavity depth for a specific die. To make one we would need the sync numbers marked on the die or on the punch it is replacing.

These punches can either form a flat tip or a hollow point, depending on what the end of the punch looks like. Machining a tip on the end of the punch allows it to form a hollow point cavity. The diameter of this punch is precisely fitted to the ejector hole in your die. It is a pressure seal and must be a very snug fit. The end of the major diameter portion is adjusted or synchronized to come precisely to the end of the die cavity when the die in fully screwed into the CSP-1 press ram and the ram is raised to swaging position.

You can see from this requirement why the CSP-1 press is required for swaging bullets that need a precise seal at the tip of the die cavity. The required precision of the ram itself is what positions the punch so it seals the end of the die cavity, without projecting into the bullet space or leaving a "pipe" on the end of the bullet. The same punch cannot be used in other dies except in the lucky accident of them having precisely the same cavity depth to th enearest .001 inch. Diamond lapping and finishing the cavities by hand makes it unlikely that any two would be exactly the same depth by the time they have been properly polished and fitted. Thus the sync numbers, like serial numbers, match the punch to the die and allow us to make another just like it.

Punch-SP Punch-SP

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