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Delivery Time

Punch, type -H
Punch, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: PUNCH-H
Price: $70.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Select type of punch:
Internal (stays in the die)
External (pushes components into the die)
Select die the punch fits:
Core swage (CSW)
Core seater (CS)
Boattail preform (BT-1)
RBT forming (BT-2)
Point former (PF)
Lead tip shaper (LT) Select ogive shape.
LSWC die
Tubing JM End Rounding
Jacket Reducing Die (JRD)
Bullet reducing die (BRD)
Other (describe below)
Caliber (final size):
Punch diameter if known:
Punch Shape:
Select Ogive (nose) Shape for LT INT Punch:
Truncated Cone (TC)
1/2-E Blunt RN
3/4-E Pistol RN
1-E Rifle RN
1-E standard flat tip (50% of caliber)
Luger 9mm shape
2-S Short Spitzer
4-S Short Spitzer
6-S Standard Rifle
8-S Spitzer
10-S Spitzer
12-S spitzer
Ultra Low Drag Secant
ULD-TIP shape with Lead Tip
Description /Notes (optional):
  Discover CS Punch diameter for my jacket/core combo ($30)
Sample jackets for fitting punch:
Yes, I AM sending 6 jackets
Use Corbin jackets, specified below
I sent 6 jackets before ordering.
I am NOT sending any jackets: just guess!
Corbin Jacket Cat.No. (if using our jackets):
Enter finished bullet weight to be made:
Enter custom ogive specs:
  Add HP to selected SWC Nose Punch (+70)
Standard -H type punches are used in the CSP-2 Mega Mite, CSP-2H Hydro Junior, and CHP-1 Hydro Press. Depending on the die, you will need to specify certain parameters for the punch, such as caliber, diameter, kind of die which the punch fits, nose or base shape desired, or ejection pin diameter for point form internal punches.

For jacket reducing dies, see the JRD-1-HP (not a hollow point, but a -H type jacket draw Punch.)

Not every parameter applies to every kind of punch, so fill in or select the ones that would be suitable. Shapes other than standard, listed stock (per our web site and price list) are custom, and should be ordered under the PUNCH-HC category. This includes X-punches and Saber Tooth punches. You can order them here, but they will be upgraded to the proper catalog number and price when the order is checked and filled.

Discover CS Punch Diameter for your sample Jacket/Core Weight combo
If you want to send sample jackets and cores so that the exact diameter core seating punch can be developed, check the box to order this service. Your jackets and cores will be used to discover the best size of external core seat punch. The die maker will use your jackets and sample core length to find the proper diameter to expand the jacket and seal the pressure. Jackets often have tapered walls, which means different core lengths will be seated in a different internal diameter section of the jacket. One punch would not fit perfectly for every core length, but by spending time testing, a die maker can discover the right size for your particular combo. Don't check this box unless (1) you are ordering a core seating punch, and (2) you intend to send sample jackets and cores to be used with it.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
Note: 3.5% Bank Card Processing Fee added by Card Processing Service. VCC Number is required for security: send by email with order number.
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