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Lead SemiWadcutter Die
Lead SemiWadcutter Die Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LSWC-1-H
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter actual diameter in inches:
  Check for non-standard bleed hole size ($70)
Enter custom bleed hole size (if checked above):
Nose Shape (Ext):
Target Wadcutter
Button Nose Wadcutter
Conical SWC
Keith Nose SWC
3/4-E SWC
1-E Flat Tip SWC
Custom nose shape ($70) describe/note
Enter custom nose specs (if selected above):
  Add Hollow Point to selected shape ($70)
Select Base Shape:
Flat Base
Dish Base
Cup Base
Hollow Base
Rebated Boattail Base
Base Guard(TM) Base
Custom Base
If checked, describe custom base:
Optional Note:
3/4-E ogive Keith nose LSWC-1-H lead semi-wadcutter die makes lead, Base Guard, or gas-checked SWC style bullets from hollow base airgun pellets to shotgun slugs. The range of calibers can be from 5 to 25mm (22 to 1 inch).

The LSWC-1-H can make different weights by adjusting the amount of lead extruded through the weight-adjusting bleed holes. Different noses and bases can be made by selecting internal and external punches. The die comes with one internal and one external punch.

When a cavity in a punch forms the nose of the bullet, the nose will require a step or shelf between the end of the nose and the start of the bullet shank (full diameter portion). The reason is that the punch cannot be zero thickness at the edge without being ripped apart by the tremendous forces applied during swaging and extraction of the punch. About .015 inches is the minimum thickness which the high strength heat treated steels can be built around a cavity and withstand the 20,000 to 50,000 psi that is applied during swaging.

If you want a bullet having a smooth transition from nose to shank, this is done by using a die with a bullet shaped cavity, not a punch with a cavity in the end. The die does not require any step because it is all one surface area. The punch requires the step because it slides back and forth in the straight hole of the die, and cannot last more than one or two strokes with the edge brought down to less than 0.015 or so inches. Point forming dies are the right tool for making a stepless ogive bullet.

The bleed holes in the die are normally of a size determined by the die maker for best function with soft lead. If you wish to use harder material or want a different size of bleed hole in the die, it can be done on a custom basis. Normally the dies are made in large quantities at one time and put on the shelf with our standard dimensions, which allows us to make them for a lower price than if each die were built individually with its own dimensioned drawings, set up and tooling time. But we can make custom changes on a one-off basis, if you wish.

In most cases, the optimum dimensions are already long discovered and tested, since the tooling has been used around the world for more than 45 years to date. The odds of a slight change being beneficial are slim unless you have developed a special material or an unusual use for the tool. But in those cases, we're glad to help you with changes to the proven design, so long as you realize that the suitability for any given purpose is not subject to warranty. In other words, if you strongly believe that swaging kryptonite powder is desirable and can only be done by making the die with .232 inch diameter bleed holes, we can do the work as you specify, but we cannot comment on or guarantee that your idea will work the way you think it should.

All we can guarantee is that the die you receive will be made to the specifications (physical dimensions) you provide, within normal and customary tolerances. If your bullet fails to stop Superman after all, and Lex Luther sues you from his hospital bed, it's your problem and none of our own! Likewise if the material you use requires more pressure to form than the die or punch will handle, and you break them trying, that also is not our problem. Just as long as everyone agrees up front, there is no problem with doing custom work to client order. The problem is when reality and imagination don't agree, and the imagineer cannot accept it. At that point, it is sometimes difficult for a person in denial of reality to remember the conditions under which custom work was accepted. Just something to bear in mind...

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