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Jacket Maker Cup Die, type -S
Jacket Maker Cup Die, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JMK-1CDS
Price: $149.50
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter disk diameter in inches:
Enter cup diameter in inches:
Enter strip thickness in inches:
  I am sending a dozen sample disks to make this die.
  I am sending my existing cupping punch assembly to fit this replacement die.
This is the die, without punch, which accepts a blank copper disk made in the blanking die, and draws it into a shallow cup. It is the first draw stage in making a finished bullet jacket, normally followed by two or more additional draw steps and a trim step. It is NOT a complete die, but a replacement part for an existing set.

The die is offered without punch and without the other dies and punches involved in the JMK-1-S jacket making kit for -S press, in case of loss or damage. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE ORDERED AS A STAND ALONE TOOL, or to "build your own" jacket making set because, after all, we need the punch and the disks in order to test the die.

If you order this, be sure to send a dozen disks and the existing punch from your current jacket making set to fit it.

This die screws into the bottom side of the press head. The disk is held by a spring supported pressure plate and guide mounted on a long drawing punch, which screws into the press ram. The JMK-1CPS cupping punch is available as a separate item, or better is to purchase the two together as the JMK-1C-S which is the complete cupping die and punch assembly. This insures that die and punch are tested and then used together.

Cup die with punch shown

Please note that a the smallest cup that can be produced is about 60% of the disk diameter. In other words, if you have a .625 inch disk, you could make a cup down to about 0.6 x .625 = 0.375 inches. But if you specify a smaller cup size, it invalidates the order because it won't work. Likewise, you cannot make a cup that is nearly the same size as the disk (after all, some material has to be rolled around to make the walls of the cup!). The larger the cup, the shorter the walls must be -- basic physics and geometry, no magic will change it.

PLEASE check the two boxes that tell us you ARE sending sample disks and your existing punch. That will print out on our order form so we can immediately begin processing the paperwork and not have to call or email to request those items. If you don't send them, we can't fill the order, no matter how much we want to! It would be something like bringing your carburator to the auto shop and asking for a tune up... with the car at home in your driveway! It all works together and has to be fitted and tested together.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
Note: 3.5% Bank Card Processing Fee added by Card Processing Service. VCC Number is required for security: send by email with order number.
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