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Gas Check Maker, type -H
Gas Check Maker, type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: GCM-1-H
Price: $634.00
Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
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The GCM-1-H gas check maker works in the CSP-2 Mega Mite, or the CHP-1 Hydro Press. It is the larger version of the GCM-1-S (for the CSP-1 press). As such, it is a little easier to operate from the standpoint of leaverage and power, and is stronger due to larger diameter parts. Otherwise it performs the same function of turning a strip of .030 thick by 1-inch wide copper strip into a short-sided jacket called a "gas check". This can be designed so that it creates a slightly longer wall height, something between a gas check and a half jacket, for more coverage of the bullet sides (use notes section to indicate your desires).

For small calibers, a strip width of 5/8-inch might be used instead of 1-inch if you prefer. This would be suitable for .257, 6mm, .224 and similar sizes. The 1-inch wide strip could also be run down both sides, with the holes offset. Normally the 1-inch strip is used if there is no other information provided, unless the caliber requires a different size.

The die set consists of two dies with their own special punches. The first die and punch has a slot in the die through which you feed the copper strip. The press punches out a disk with every stroke, and you advance the strip so the holes will leave a small web of metal between them before punching the next disk. The disks come out the top of the die as you keep making them, and can be collected at the top or a chute made from a roll of cardboard tube (such as you would find in a roll of wrapping paper) can have a hole cut near one end so it slips over the die top, and angles downward into a container. As the disks are pushed out the top, they fall down the tube and, if it is sloped enough, slide down into the container. A stronger chute can be made of a piece of plastic rain gutter, in the same manner. This is convenient for long runs but is not necessary for making 50 or 100 gas checks at a time.

The second die has a spring-loaded guide ring which clamps the disk against a smoothly polished surface in the die mouth, under spring pressure, while the punch continues to move up and turn the disk into a gas check. The gas checks emerge from the top of this die just as the disks do from the disk-cutter die. The same chute idea will work to guide the finished parts into a container. Again, this is not necessary for the usual "hobby" quantity but is very handy for commercial production runs. We don't provide this because it is so easy and cheap to make, yourself, and the shipping of such a long object would cost more than the chute itself, especially if you use a cardboard roll tube!

Any caliber can be produced, but calibers larger than the .50 BMG would likely require a wider strip, such as 1.25 inch x .030 thick.

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