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Adapter kit for ET-2-S to -H
Adapter kit for ET-2-S to -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: ET-2KIT
Price: $215.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Optional Note:
ET-2KIT adapts ET-2-S trim dies to fit the CHP-1, CSP-2, and CSP-2H presses. It consists of an adapter to hold the tapered external punch in the large punch holder, and an adapter body with an extension punch head to operate the smaller die in the large 1 x 12 threaded ram.

If you already have several ET-2-S dies, you can use them all in the CHP-1 or other -H type presses by getting one of these adapter kits. The punch and die unscrews quickly from the adapter, so that you do not need more than one adapter for several dies.

This kit also has another use, although we don't promote it or even recommend it. That is to allow the use of most but not all -S dies in the CSP-2 or CHP-1 Corbin press.

We don't recommend it because the -H dies are stronger and less problematic than trying to use the smaller, shorter -S dies in the "wrong" press for them. If there was no problem, we'd save our selves a lot of work by just making and stocking the -S type dies for all the presses. There isn't a big difference in cost between -H and -S dies, so the reason isn't just to sell higher priced dies. It is primarily because of the additional capacity for length, pressure, better alignment, and the additional operations that can be done easily on the larger press only if the dies and punches are built longer, larger, and are operated by a somewhat different method than used in the -S press design. The -H press can be set to much higher pressures than the -S dies will handle, so it is important to be careful about how much ram thrust is used (or it would be cheaper just to buy the right -H dies than to replace broken -S dies.

The kit has one additional part that isn't used with the -S swage dies, which is the FPH-S2H threaded bushing to hold a 5/8-24 pinch trim punch. The base and the punch operator which hold the die also holds most of the internal punches and operates them. But the point forming dies PF-1-S do not use this kind of internal punch. They use a punch that is fixed to the press frame. The die and ram move up and down while the punch remains stationary. This won't work in the -H type ram. There is no way to pin the little -S ejector punch head to the press frame.

So, the alternative is to build a custom PUNCH-HC ejector punch, which reaches into the adapter for the -S die, and provides a simulation of the same kind of relative motion that would occur if you were using a -H die. Since we can't replicate the -S press design, we simulate the -H die design instead. That requires a -H type ejector. You would need one for each PF-1-S die unless the dies all use the same ejection pin wire size. Wire sizes are changed by caliber range, so different calibers usually need different diameter ejectors.

Bottom line: it is always better to use the right type of die for the press. But if you must use -S dies in a -H press, there are ways to accomplish it with some caveats.

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