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Jacket Trimmer Die, Type -S
Jacket Trimmer Die, Type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: ET-2-S
Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Enter jacket diameter (inches):
Select the trim length range...:
Trim length .375 to 1.25 inches
Trim length .750 to 1.625 inches
Specify minimum (range +0.8750-in)
Custom minimum length of trim:
ET-2-S jacket trim die cuts jackets to length in the S-Press. Adjustable length, specific diameter (specify).

There are three options for trim length range:
  1. Pistol/shorter lengths: 0.375 min, 1.250 max length of trim.
  2. Rifle/longer lengths: 0.750 min, 1.625 max length of trim.
  3. Special shorter lengths of trim (specify minimum, range is +0.875 from min.
In the -S press, the range is limited by the stroke and clearance dimensions, not by the die itself. The range of travel sets the span of lengths to 7/8 inch (.875"). That covers all practical calibers that can be trimmed in the S-press and die system. If you need to trim very large calibers (over .458) or very thick jackets, or to greater lengths than the -S type press allows, you would need to use the ET-2-HC which is the special version for the -H type presses (CSP-2 and CHP-1). It can handle a 1-1/4 inch range, which is made with a standard minimum of 1-1/8 to a maximum of 2-3/8 inches (1.125 - 2.375). The minimum can be made less and the maximum will track it within the 1-1/4 span, on special order.

As with all -S type dies, the maximum diameter is .458 inches. However, the jackets themselves are usually smaller than the caliber, prior to swaging the bullet with them. Jackets may be as much as 0.0025 inches smaller than the caliber. The closer we make the die bore to your particular jacket, the better job of trimming it will perform. So, if you would like to get the best performance, send a few sample jackets and we can fit the die to them, trim a few at different lengths, and send them along with the die to illustrate the process. If you are using Corbin jackets, as supplied, just mention which jacket you plan to trim. If you are using Corbin jackets and reducing them to another, smaller caliber and THEN trimming the drawn jacket, it would help if you sent a few (half a dozen) of them so we can make sure that the die bore is as close as possible to your jacket OD.

The jacket you trim MUST drop freely into the die, or at least not take more than light finger pressure to insert. If you have to force the jacket into the die, you won't get good results. Also, if the jacket rattles around in the die, the jacket may become folder and wrinkled before the trim force can cut through the jacket wall. The fit to a given jacket size is important. Undersized jackets may "work" in a sense. They may get trimmed. But they may also pick up some swelling, wrinkling, and possibly lop-sided trim at the mouth if the jacket is much smaller than the die bore. The die supports and aligns the jacket, and holds it straight against the downward force from the conical trim punch, so it needs to be a good fit.

The jacket trim external punch is a conical shape which pinches the jacket against the edge of the die to deeply score it. The portion of the jacket which fits inside the die is the remaining length. It is adjustable by the setting of a stop nut on the internal punch. The scored portion of the jacket can be twisted or pulled off, or with precise adjustment it may simply fall off depending on the thickness and toughness of the jacket material.

Over time, the design of the external trim punch has evolved. Earlier punches had a long taper without a guide or pilot tip. This evolved to a punch with a pilot tip, which then evolved with further years of testing to a sharper conical punch without a tip projection. The current design can use the same external punch for almost any caliber of jacket, and will make a better score in a wider range of materials.

The ET-2-S can be converted to an ET-2-H by adding an adapter kit. The same kit can then be used with any caliber of ET-2-S, so that all your calibers of trim dies can be the -S type, converted to use in the CSP-2 or CHP-1 press with the same kit. Converting to the -H type does not change the range of lengths, minimum or maximum length. But the ET-2-HC version will provide additional range and length, larger calibers and heavier jacket wall trimming when needed.

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