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Jacket Trim Die, Type -H
Jacket Trim Die, Type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: ET-2-H
Price: $437.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Enter jacket diameter (inches):
Select trim length range:
Minimum 0.375, Maximum 1.250 inches
Minimum 0.750, Maximum 1.625 inches
Custom minimum (Max. is additional .875-in)
ET-2-H jacket trim die, uses the ET-2-S trim die in a special adapter kit to fit type -H presses. The adapter kit, ET-2KIT, is available separately so you can use existing ET-2-S dies.

The adjustment range is 0.875 inches (7/8-inch). There are two standard ranges and a custom option.
  1. Pistol/short jacket range: min .375, max. 1.25 inch.
  2. Rifle/long jacket range: min .750, max. 1.625 inch.
  3. Custom minimum length: 7/8-inch range starting with your minimum spec.
For longer and larger jackets or extremely thick walls, choose instead the ET-2-HC heavy duty trim die.

Please Note:
These dies can ONLY trim a maximum of 1.625 inches. Entering a custom minimum greater than 0.750 inches is invalid. Under no circumstances can the tooling produce a longer trimmed jacket than 1.625 inches. However, the ET-2-HC is designed to handle from 1.125 to 2.375 inches. It can also have a lower minimum trim length, with a span from minimum to maximum of 1.25 inches range. The regular ET-2-H is an ET-2-S die with an adapter kit to operate in the larger presses and does not have additional length capability than 1-5/8 inch maximum trim.

The die is set up so the tapered punch just lightly touches the mouth of the die with the ram all the way up and is limited by the end of the press stroke. The internal punch is adjusted for a specific length using the supplied setting gage. A jacket to be trimmed is put into the die.

The ram is then raised, and the top or external punch presses through the jacket at the point where it exists from the die. The jacket is not cut completely through, but only a thin web remains. After ejecting, the trim section is easily snapped off leaving a clean edge. The jacket can also be put into a tumbler to knock off the lightly held trim section.

If the edge of the die is peened over by running the tapered punch into it too firmly, the cutting edge can be restored by making a light, flat grinding pass across the face of the die with a fine grinding wheel.

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